Why You Should Wear A Weave Cap?


For a long time, hair is the crown of beauty so that some try to find the best way to take care of their hair, some use hair extensions to get the look that they want. For the time you use hair extension, it gives you the best look and protects your natural hair from damaging. However, not everyone knows that using a netting cap is a must-have step to protect your hair. In this article, we will show you some useful information about a weaving cap such as reasons to wear a weave cap and how to sew in a net hair weave.

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First, let us show you what a weaving cap is.

1. What Is A Weaving Cap?

A netting cap is a protective barrier between your natural hair and the extension weft. It means that instead of you attaching the weave over the braids of your natural hair, you attach them to the weave cap. This cap gives your hair amazing advantages, for example, it keeps your hair in place, avoids shedding and reduces the tendency for it to bulge.

What Is A Weaving Cap

2. Why You Should Wear A Weave Cap?

You save yourself so much from the moment you decide to wear a weaving net over the braids. Below are some reasons why you should wear a weave cap for sew-in process.

  • Not only will it protect your hair from damage, it will also give you the opportunity to style in different ways you’d love to. So, it’s an opportunity for versatility.
  • It creates a barrier between the natural hair and the threads used to fasten the wefts. Your hair is, after all, less strained.
  • When using a weave cap, your hair is protected from breakage. If you have thin hair, the breakage is really terrible. You will sew the wefts on the weave cap and not your natural hair so that your hair will be enhanced safety. The important note is that you should take care of your natural hair well.
  • Normally, you are working to remove the weave cap from your hair. This process is very time-consuming. However, if you use a weave cap, it even saves a lot of time when you are removing the extension. It means that you just have to remove the weave cap.
  • You apply it in a short time. Obviously, you see the sewing method takes a lot more time, particularly when you have to sew directly on the braids. However, it will take you less time when you sew on the weave cap.
  • The key to getting a perfect style of weaving is to make the hairstyle look as natural as possible. No one will say if it turns out so flat whether it’s an extension or your own hair.

3. How to Sew In a Net Hair Weave?

As we mentioned above, there are many advantages on the sew in the net method. They are not only protective but also durable among a variety of other advantages. Follow the following procedure to do a sew in a net hair weave.

  • Braid Your Hair

Place your hair in a ponytail to do this and braid a cornrow starting from the hairline in a circle. When you finish the first braid follow suit with the other braids that follow. Then finish by sewing down the last loose braids along its edges. This helps to keep the sew flat in weave.

Braid Your Hair

  • Place The Weave Cap Over The Braids

Next, sew the edges of the netting cap onto your first braid. Sew it around the hairline to keep your hair in place. Cut off any excess net. Remember to have the net taut on your head before you start the sewing process.

Place The Weave Cap Over The Braids

  • Sew In The Wefts

Once you’ve got the net in place, you can start weaving in the weft. You can stitch the hair wefts through the cornrows if you want more stability. Also, you can sew it directly over the net, particularly when you’re close to where you’ve got the parting. Don’t cut the wefts as you are sewing because it will make the wefts weak and start shedding sooner.

Sew In The Wefts

  • Comb The Hair

Comb the hair in the middle to flatten it. Make sure that you don’t reveal any tracks. You can spray your hair to keep it in place from the wefts.

Comb The Hair

  • Cut And Style It

Cut And Style It

In conclusion, some people may not like this method but actually you cannot ignore its benefits. All in all, a weave cap helps to secure your braids and protect your natural hair from damaging and breakage. Follow website Luxshinehair.com to get more free & useful information.


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