Reasons Why You Choose 14 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions


When visiting shops of hair extensions, you always expect to have beautiful and good hair extensions. However, for many different reasons, not all hair products can meet those demands. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about any problems with 14 inch clip in hair extensions. Today we will present to you some features of 14 inch hair length. Let’s keep reading.

1. What Is 14 Inch Hair Length Size?

14 inch length is about 35 centimeters which is not long but not too short. This hair length is one of ideal choices for women who like medium length hairstyles. One important thing is that if you have never bought hair extensions before, you should notice the following information to avoid unexpected misunderstandings. The length of 14 inch is measured when the hair is straight. If you order wavy or curly hair with this length, the hair will be shorter. However, you can still get beautiful and impressive hairstyles. The best solution is that you should use hair length chart to exactly describe the length you want.

14 Inch Hair Length Size

2. Textures Of 14 Inch Hair Extensions

Along with the demands of users, 14 inch hair clip ins are now designed with different impressive hair textures. Apart from natural straight hair, you will have other options like kinky straight hair or yaki straight hair with unique puffing tiny waves. You will become more outstanding than ever with these textures.

Straight Hair

Besides, textures of wavy and curly hair are also diverse and creative. These textures can make your hair look more graceful and voluminous. For this result, girls with thin and weak hair will not feel inferiority anymore.

Textures Of Wavy And Curly Hair

3. Advantages Of 14 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions

  • Add Hair Thickness

When buying clip in hair with 14 inches, you will surprise of a thicker and more beautiful hair though it’s straight, wavy or curly texture. However, the volume of hair is more impressive with wavy and curly hair.

Add Hair Thickness

  • Add Hair Length

14 inch length clip ins is ideal for adding hair length to your natural hair. Anyway, you can try some shoulder length or medium length hairstyles. If not, you can use wavy or curly hair extensions to get new looks with trendy bob and lob hairstyles.

  • Apply Easily

Clip in hair extensions is one of the most convenient type of hair extensions because you can apply as well as take them off in a few minutes.

Apply Easily

  • Protect Own Hair

As other types of hair extensions, these clip ins also protect your real hair from bad elements like environment, heat, UV radiation, etc. With clip in hair extensions, you don’t need to sew hair extensions in cornrows like weave hair extensions or use heat on hair directly like keratin hair extensions. The advantage of this method is that your hair will not be broken and damaged like when using other types.

  • Add Beauty

When choosing right hair extensions, you must look more beautiful. The image of hair plays an important role in embellishing women’s beauty so that it’s necessary to choose good hair extensions. Here are tips to choose hair extensions that are suitable for you. For instance, women with round face should choose hair clip ins with loose wavy texture to make their hair look more voluminous as well as help hide shortcomings on their face such as chubby cheeks or fat chin. On the other hands, for women with oval face, straight hair will give a better look because they give wearers elegant and charming looks.

4. How About 14 Inch Hair Extensions Of Luxshinehair?

Luxshinehair supply all types of hair extensions with 4 individual standards respectively named single drawn hair, double drawn hair, super double drawn hair and one-donor hair. These standards will decide the thickness of hair. Therefore, instead of buying low quality hair extensions which make your hair become worse, you should choose high quality hair extensions of Luxshinehair.

14 Inch Hair Extensions Of Luxshinehair

Hair extensions of Luxshinehair are produced in different lengths. You can choose any length from 6 inches to 32 inches based on hair length chart. It means that besides clip in hair extensions with 14 inches, Luxshinehair have various choices of hair extensions meeting customer’s demands all over the world. Although, wearing other types except clip ins can take you more time, the final result is wonderful.

In short, with different length, you will get different hairstyles. Whatever the desired length is short or long, it’s important to describe correctly to sellers. Hopefully, this article is useful for you. Visit for getting more information about related articles.

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