Where To Buy Best 14 Inch Weave Hair Extensions?


Have you ever been confused about the different lengths of the weave? Do you like short, medium or length hairstyles? In this article, we will introduce to you all interesting things about 14 inch weave hair extensions. The length of 14 inch is an ideal length if you like a medium-length hairstyle. 14 inch weave hairstyles are easily blended with real hair to create natural beauty. Hopefully, these information can help you avoid misunderstanding when describing this length to your stylist. Keep on reading to get full of information.

How Long Is 14 Inch Weave?

The length of 14 inch weave is an armpit length which is about 35 centimeters long. It is suitable with both long-haired and shoulder hair hobbies of many girls. If it blends well with your natural hair, no one can realize that you are wearing hair extensions. In other words, you will have a chance to experience an ultra-realistic hairdo.

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How Long Is 14 Inch Weave

Where To Buy 14 Inch Weave Length?

If you are dreaming of beautiful 14 inch weave hairstyles and plan to pick up one for your new look, but don’t know where to buy the best one, consider purchasing hair extensions from Luxshinehair. This is the leading hair brand in Vietnam that has got many years of experience in producing hair extensions. They must bring the best quality products, the best service and reasonable price to you.

14 Inch Weave

 Why Should You Choose 14 Inch Weave Hair Extensions From Luxshinehair?

  • Quality of Hair

Luxshinehair ensures to provide customers high-quality hair extensions which are made from 100% Vietnam women’s hair. Therefore, the hair will look realistic unlike hair extensions of some brands that contain nylon cotton or animal hair. Because these hair extensions are virgin hair, they are soft and smooth with perfect shapes and able to match with women’s hair. Moreover, these hair extensions can last for a long time if you care for them properly.

  • Various Textures

Luxshinehair brings to customers different hair textures ranging from straight, curly to wavy hair. From that, you can choose any texture you like.

– Straight Hair: If you are a person who loves natural beauty instead of complex hairstyles, straight hair extensions should be the best option for you.

Straight Hair

– Wavy Hair: Have you ever felt inferiority about your thin hair? Now, don’t worry because 14 inch weave wavy hair extensions will help you deal with this problem. They can add more volume and length to your natural hair in order to create a fuller look. With this texture, you can achieve a modern look but still look feminine.

Wavy Hair

– Curly Hair: Nowadays, curly hair is becoming a trend of the young. If you seek for an attractive, sexy look, these extensions are for you. They will make your hair look thicker and prettier.

Curly Hair

  • Diverse Standards

It is important to choose hair extensions that suits for the thickness of your hair. Luxshinehair provides 3 standards of weave hair extensions which may help you choose the most suitable extensions for your demands and budget. The standards of hair extensions are measured based on the density of a bundle hair extensions.

– Single Drawn: These extensions give wearers a natural look because they are thick at the top and thin at the end.

– Double Drawn: Weave hair extensions with this standard have more same-length hair than single drawn extensions. Therefore, if you have thin hair, try these extensions.

– Super Double Drawn: Of course, here is the highest standard of hair extensions but it is also the most expensive one. With this standard, most of hair are at the same length.

Hair Standards

In a nutshell, 14 inch weave length is so wonderful that you shouldn’t miss out if you love medium-length hairstyles. Hope that throughout this article, you can expand your knowledge about 14 inch weave hair extensions.

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