What Do You Know About A Straight Quick Weave?


Are you thinking about purchasing a quick weave? Why not? Quick weave is an effective way to give you a versatile look. With this method, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on changing your natural hair. Like other processes of applying hair extensions, a quick weave has three main textures: straight, curly, wavy. Along with the development of curly and wavy hair, the texture of straight hair is still loved most. Unlike curly or wavy hair, this texture attracts people by its simplicity. In this article, we will show you some information about straight quick weave hair extensions.

What Is A Quick Weave?

A quick weave is the process of attaching hair extensions to a thick weave cap. In this process, your stylist will have you put the weave cap on your head and wear it during the bonding process. This means that the wig cap is put into place to protect your hair, scalp and edges from using the bonding product to apply to your hair.

Quick Weave

Why Choose Straight Quick Weave?

Some people may choose straight quick weaves because it makes them beautiful, this may be an advantage of straight extensions. However, that’s not all, it has more advantages such as the following.

  • More Options

In fact, these hair extensions give you more options than others. Mostly, you may tend to choose simple or sophisticated styles for daily wear. You can spice up your hairstyle and color as you want.

More Options

  • Light and Comfortable

Because straight hair extension of a quick weave is the simplest texture which is out of waves and curls, it looks softer and lighter. These hair extensions can blend very well with your real hair; therefore, when you put it on your hair, you will not feel that it’s unnatural.

  • Natural Look

The outstanding benefit of a straight quick weave is that when wearing it, other people can realize that you are wearing hair extensions, especially when you use virgin human hair extensions.

Natural Look

  • Hair Installation Time

Straight quick weaves are a favorite among hair connoisseurs because it doesn’t require much time for the hair installation process. In other words, you shouldn’t have to worry about spending too many hours in a hair salon with these extensions.

  • Easy To Remove

Unlike traditional sew-in weaves, it is easy to remove straight quick weaves. You just need to take about half of an hour for the removal process.

Easy To Remove

Some Disadvantages of Wearing A Quick Weave

  • Damaging To Your Hairline

The first con of wearing a quick weave is the risk that it can damage your hairline, scalp and natural hair. This is because the installation process requires adhesive or hair glue to contact with your natural hair and hairline.

  • Duration

The quick weave doesn’t have a long lifespan as the traditional sew-in. Most quick weaves last for one month, but it can be rocked for upwards of two months with proper care.

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