Change Your Look By Wearing 30 Inch Hair Extensions


To guarantee that hair extensions are suitable perfectly for real hair, hair extensions are produced with different sizes from 6 inches to 32 inches. Today, we will introduce 32 inch hair extensions to you. Like 32 inch hair extensions, this length is also very ideal for the girls who like the feminity and tender. With the ability to make different hairstyles, these hair extensions will actually meet your satisfaction.

1. What Are 30 Inch Hair Extensions?

30 inch length size is one of the longest sizes in hair length chart. A lot of girls want this very long and amazing hair to make themselves look outstanding. This hair is about 75 centimeters in length so it can pass over your back. Some girls try to raise their natural hair to this length but actually they can’t be smooth and stunning. However, there is a special thing that may surprise you is that 30 inch hair extensions of Beequeenhair can help you to solve this problem.

30 Inch Hair Extensions

2. Remarkable Quality Of 30 Inch Hair Extensions?

Hair will be sorted into various sizes and standards in order to make extensions as suitable as the demands of the customers. Because of the weight of these hair, they are almost made with the best quality by using modern technologies and skilled workers. Therefore, there is no problems happening to your hair such lice, shedding or tangles. With the best quality, your hair always look natural and beautiful.

3. Different Textures Of 30 Inch Hair Extensions?

Vietnamese hair extension is very popular on the world market and plays an important role in its flexible textures because Vietnamese women hair is famous for its silk, shine and strength. Many girls think that 30 inch hair extensions look the most attractive when straightened. Actually, it is a negative thought. Not only are 30 inch hair extensions appropriate for straight hair but they are also ideal for other textures. Regardless of whether they are straight, curly or wavy, hair extensions are also very smooth and burnished. They are pretty charming and attractive enough to impress others. You can make a lot of different textures with 30 inch hair extensions such as natural straight, natural wavy, deep wavy, deep curly, water wavy, kinky and fumi and many others with a natural look.

Textures Of 30 Inch Hair Extensions 1

Textures Of 30 Inch Hair Extensions 2

Textures Of 30 Inch Hair Extensions 3

4. The Difference Between Curly And Wavy Hair

Although many people think that curly and wavy hair are the same, wavy hair is actually a type of curly hair. Curly and wavy hair differ in curly tightness, thickness and texture. It is not bunched up with wavy. Besides, it’s straight at the top and flows at the end.

  • Curly hair is kinky and has close curls.
  • Wavy hair is between straight and curly hair and has no curls but zigzag pasterns which make them look like wavy.
  • Curly hair is thick and coarse whereas wavy hair is straighter and softer.
  • Combing curly hair when it’s dry is very difficult.

5. How To Take Care Of 30 Inch Hair Extensions

To prevent any damage to your 30 inch hair extensions and your natural hair, follow taking care tips below.

  • Be Gentle

Although hair extensions are virgin, remy or synthetic hair, you still need to take notice of caring for them. Brushing your hair with a wide tooth comb might be helpful. Take time to gently brush your hair and keep in mind that never brush wet hair extensions.

Be Gentle

  • Choose The Right Hair Care Products

It is very important to choose the right hair care products. Any product containing harsh chemicals can cause harmful for your hair extensions. To maintain the smoothness of hair extensions, you should choose natural shampoos such as baby shampoo. Besides, you should not use a lot of olive oil to your extensions.

Choose The Right Hair Care Products

  • Dry Your Hair

Let your hair air dry before going to bed. Never go to bed while the hair extensions are still wet. Wet hair extensions will bunch up which can cause tangles to form. The tangles in your extensions could get stuck and pull on your natural hair when you move around in your sleep.

6. Why Should You Choose 30 Inch Hair Extensions of Beequeenhair?

Beequeenhair supplies different textures and various types of hair extensions with 30 inch length size. Beside traditional types such as bulk hair and weft hair extensions, Beequeenhair also make other types such as clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, keratin hair and many other types.

  • Clip In Hair Extensions: Nowadays, these extensions are very popular because they are convenient, catchy and easy to use.
  • Tape In Hair Extensions: These extensions are also used because they have sticky tapes which can be put in and take off easily.
  • Keratin Hair Extensions: This type has 4 variations for customers’ choices including V-tip, I-tip, U-tip and flat tip hair extensions.

With many years of experience in this field, Beequeenhair is proud of supplying high quality hair extensions. All products are made of 100% Vietnamese Remy hair so they can last very long and you don’t have to worry about any problems such as tangling or shedding, etc. With 30 inch hair extensions of Beequeenhair, customers will have glamorous hairstyles.

In short, you have read all important information about 30 inch hair length. We hope that they can help you much when you decide to purchase hair extensions. Follow to get more detail. Thanks for reading!



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