Different Ways In Doing A Quick Weave


A quick weave requires less time to install compared with traditional hair wefts. Now, we will show you some tips to do a quick weave with and without leave out at home.

How To Do A Quick Weave

1. How To Do A Quick Weave with Leave Out

Doing quick weaving with leave out means you leave a small amount of your own hair on the middle part of your head or the side section. That will make your hair more natural and realistic. Besides, to create much more natural look, you should choose the color of hair extension which is similar to the hue of your own hair.

  • A quick weave can be easily applied. Remember to make your hair completely clean and dry before you put the cap on your head. If you put the cap on wet hair, it can lead to mold development on your scalp.
  • Then start to braid your hair, leaving out one side or a central part.
  • Put the cap on your hair and make sure that your hair is covered totally.
  • It is necessary to outline your part on the cap by using a lip or concealer pencil because you have a leave out or a part.
  • After that, cut the cap along the outline of your lip or concealer pencil to let your part out. Next, glue into the U-shape on the hair weft to outline your part.
  • Finally, cut and style your hair extension.

How To Do A Quick Weave With Leave Out

You shouldn’t leave too much hair out because it can be harmful to your hair. You just need to leave a little of your own hair out but it should be ensured to be enough to hide the tracks. The less hair you take off, the more it looks natural. If you are going to do full quick weave no leave out, plait your hair in one way in which your own real hair will not be affected by the weave.

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2. How To Do A Quick Weave with Closure

To be frank, many weave-wearer add finishing weave with leave out because it can lend their natural beautiful hair. However, do you know this method may in some ways damage your own hair. If you leave much out, this part of your hair will usually come into contact with chemical relaxers and heat. Therefore, you should find other ways to avoid these damages such as wearing bangs or closure.

  • Mark a point on the top of your head.
  • Next, place the piece of bang closely between 4 and 5 rows of track.
  • Start at the hairline of the font, then move towards the crown. If you want the full bangs, add more appropriate tracks.
  • Then, cut the excess laces which are located around the edges for the closure piece.
  • Apply a thin layer of glue to the base as well as to the open closure area. Put the closure piece on top after a few minutes when the glue gets set.

How To Do A Quick Weave With Closure

3. How To Do A Quick Weave with No Leave Out

A remarkable advantage of doing a quick weave with no leave out is that you can make it easier than doing a quick weave with leave out. You can follow these following steps to do a perfect quick weave with no leave out as you want.

How To Do A Quick Weave With No Leave Out

  • Firstly, put a stocking cap and shower cap on your head. The stocking cap goes above the shower cap. Don’t get any glue on your own hair.
  • Next, take a pencil and mark where you want your closure to be.
  • Lay the tracks until you can’t lay them anymore. Some people don’t like to cut their wefts but I think it’s faster if you cut the wefts.
  • When you get up to the crown of your head, you can start putting the tracks in a set like laying them in a circular motion. Make sure not to get any glue on your white line. If you want to cover your entire head except for the part, this took two packs.
  • After everything is all done, you can rip your weave off. This step is very simple because it’s not on stuck to your head.
  • Peel the shower cap off the stocking cap and let it dry in few seconds.
  • Grab your scissors and cut on that line.
  • Next, use edge control and eco styling gel. Stick it on your head and adjust it to where you want.
  • When finishing all steps, you begin to cut in style.

Cut The Weave In Style.

From that, you can easily know how to do a quick weave in different ways. Follow website Luxshinehair.com if you want to own a beautiful hair extension, which is made from Vietnamese Remy hair. Thanks for reading!




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