Having bangs can be a great way to give your style an edgy look. Bangs come in different shapes and sizes. Do you know how to style sew in weave with bangs? We will tell you that having the perfect bang doesn’t have to be as boring as it is. In this article, we will show you some different bangs and how to style them.

Sew In Weave With Bangs
1. Straight Bang

Nowadays, straight bangs is the most common style that everyone likes wearing. It is also a fashion trend that covers the world away. Straight bang seems to be a cute and simple look but is still an eye-catching hairstyle.

Straight Bang

How to get straight bangs

  • You should use your flat iron and remember to set the temperature between 300 to 350 degrees.
  • An effective way to keep your hair in place is to apply a little hairspray. If you use too much hairspray, your hair will be so sleek.

Tip: If you want to straighten your natural hair, don’t forget to put some hair foam and water on your hair.

2. Braided Bang For Weaves

Another cute way to style your bang is to braid your hair. This hairstyle will be great for those who want to grow their hair. Instead of using hair clips to hide their long bang, the braided bang can give you a feminine look. Braided bang is suitable for all of hair colors.

Braided Bang

How to Get a Braided Bangs

  • You need to make sure that you comb your bang before braiding it. Combing your bang will help to prevent hair from tangling or knotting up. An important thing is that you should not use too much hair product when you braid it because it can cause the braid to fall apart throughout the day.
  • After combing your bang, it’s time to start the braiding process. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to braid your hair because you can braid it in a two-strand twist. Even you can watch some videos on Youtube channels, they will be helpful for you.
  • If your hair is long enough, tuck it behind your ears as well. This is a super cute hairstyle with bangs for both Sunday brunches and lovely picnics with friends.

3. Swoop Bang

If you want to go for an elegant look, you can try this style for either side of your face. Many celebrities have known for slaying this look. This style is also helpful for those who like growing their bangs. The way to style sew in weave with this bang is not too difficult.

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Swoop Bang

How to Get a Swoop Bangs

  • To achieve this look, make sure your hair is a bit damp, then split the front of your bang to the side you’d like to have the swoop on.
  • Now take your brush round and put it under your bangs. As you pull down the brush in front of you and start blowing the top of the bang dry and continue until you’ve brushed it all the way through.
  • So you want to make sure you blow-drying as you roll the hair with the brush.
  • You can use hairspray on the swoop for a long-lasting look. You can also keep your hair as it is or try pinning the swoop into a back bun.
  • You can style this swoop bangs by putting hair foam on your bang and using a flat iron to stretch the hair in a swooping motion. You should also apply a little hairspray to keep the swoop in place.
  • You can remove the headband and put extra bobby pins to keep swoop in shape if needed.
  • Now you have finished your beautiful hair weave with bangs for your great night.

4. Curly or Wavy Weave With Bangs

Another way to style your bang is to curl them. Many people who have naturally curly hair think that styling this bang is very complicated. In fact, it is not as complicated as people thought. Whether you have straight or wavy bangs, these following steps will help you slay these bangs easily.

Curly Or Wavy Bangs

How to Get Curly or Wavy Bangs

  • First, to style your weave with bangs, make sure your hair is a little damp because this helps make your hairstyle easier. You should use a good curl definer to maintain the perfect wavy bang without heating. Besides, it helps your hair remain fresh and less oily than if you use a ton of hair care products
  • Take a small amount of curl definer and put it on your bangs and gently twist your hair when applying it. After a while curls begin to form, you only use more if necessary.
  • This method helps you control your curl pattern
  • You can also curl your hair with a curling wand. Add a little heat-protectant so your hair won’t get too damaged. Once you’ve arranged your waves, make sure to comb through them to a loose wave texture with your fingertips. You can protect your bang with bobby pins or hair clips to the side of your head.

Do you know why we mention sew in style with different bangs, not only one? Because each of these bangs is suitable for different tones of skin, hair length, hair colors. With these bangs, women will have more options in styling their hair. Share this article with your friends and follow website beequeenhair.com to know more information about our hair extensions.


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