Virgin Hair Bundles With Closure And Frontal: How Many Bundles Do You Need For A Full Head?


Virgin hair bundles with closure and frontal is now a new trend in the hair extension market. It also means that it is becoming more and more popular among women all over the world. It is loved because when using it, you can get the look you want in a few minutes. However, if hair weave bundles or lace frontal/closure is purchased separately, it will be costly. That’s the reason why you should buy the high-quality bundles deal from Luxshinehair. But, how many virgin hair bundles you need to use with a closure or a frontal for making a full head? Dig for what you need to know through this article.

What Is Lace Closure?

This is a common question for the first-time user. With a closure, your natural hair will be plaited beneath the extensions, hence the hair will be safe from breakage and other damage. Whether your hair is natural or permed, the flexibility and versatility of lace closures make them applicable for all types of hair. Moreover, the lace used on the closures is very thin and same color as your scalp, so it gives you a natural look. Thanks to the lace, no one can recognize that you are wearing hair extensions.

What Is Lace Closure

What Factors Do You Need To Consider?

There are a variety of factors affecting the number of bundles for a full head look. So, what are they?

  • Hair Length

Actually, different hair length needs different quantities of hair bundles. The longer hair you want, the more bundles you need to buy. When the weight of one hair bundle is fixed, the longer it is, the thinner it is.

Hair Length

  • Size Of Your Head

Similar to the hair length, different customers have different head size. For example, if your head is big, you cannot use the same number of bundles with a person who has a small head. Depending on the size of your head, you can adjust the amount of bundles you purchase to accommodate that. In the US, the average head size of women is 22.5’’. Therefore, usually 3 bundles will be enough for a full head, but, if your head is a bigger size, order one more bundle will be better.

Size Of Your Head

  • Hair Weight

When you purchase virgin hair bundles deal, you need to consider the weight of one hair bundle because the weight of each bundle is dissimilar from different brands. For example, some provide 50g/bundle, some brands like Luxshinehair provide 100g/bundle.

  • Texture Of Bundles

Nowadays, on the market, there are various types of hair texture such as straight, body wave, deep wave, jerry curl, etc. Straight hair and curly hair are on the opposite sides of the density, so they must be taken into consideration when determining how many weave bundles you’ll need for a full head. If the texture of the bundles is curly, you will need fewer bundles to get a full look. 2-3 bundles may be enough for a naturally full look. But, if the bundles are straight, you will need more bundles to get a voluminous style.

Texture Of Bundles

How Many Virgin Hair Bundles Do You Need With A Closure For A Full Sew In?

If you are going to get 8-14 inches, you will need 2 bundles with a closure.

2 bundles with a closure

However, if you want to go for 16-20 or 22 inches, 3 bundles deals with closure is the ideal number.

3 bundles deals with closure

Any length past that, you need 4 bundles, even more. If you want to go for a short hairstyle, you only need to purchase 2 bundles. This is ideal if you have a leave out or a 4×4 closure.

If you are getting long hair, you need to be careful about the amount of hair bundles. Some people might think that it will be fine to get 3 bundles of 24 inches. But, in fact, your hair might be a scanty the longer it gets.

By getting layered, you are going to get a thickness for 18 inches and 20 inch bundle. The tricky thing when going longer is that the longer the hair you get, the more scanty and thinner it looks.

What Is Lace Frontal?

A frontal is quite similar to a closure, so some people mistake for these types. Both of them use a lace, but unlike a closure, the frontal starts from one ear and ends at the other ear while covering the front of your entire hairline. Frontals are available in a range of styles, hair types and colors; therefore, many women use lace frontals to get an entirely different texture and color. A frontal is usually 13’’ long and 4’’ wide which covers more spaces than closure or leave out. With a frontal, you don’t need to leave out your own hair because it can cover the whole front part of your head and still give you a natural look.

What Is Lace Frontal

How Many Virgin Hair Bundles Do You Need With A Frontal?

Have you wondered how many bundles you will need with a frontal for hair extensions? Keep on reading to get the answer.

If you want to get 10-18 inches, 2 bundle deals with lace frontal will be enough for a full sew-in. But, if hair length past these sizes such as 22’’ or 24 inches, you will need 3 bundles. For example, if you are having a frontal and your bundle is 24 inches, you can get a frontal and 20’’ 22’’ 24’’ bundles for a frontal sew-in.

Compare to closure, you need fewer bundles with lace closure. If you want hair length longer than 24 inches, you should use 4 bundles for a glamorous look.

In some cases, you can absolutely wear 3 bundles with frontal for 24 inches and it still looks pretty. So, the number of hair bundles also depends on the hair thickness you want and the look you are going for.

3 bundles with frontal

We have helped you answer the question “How many bundles do you need for a full sew in?”. In brief, the number of weave bundles depends on many factors, but usually you only need 2-3 bundles with a closure or frontal for a complete look. If you are still not sure about the number of bundles you need, ask a professional for help.

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