Unrevealed Secrets Of U Part Wig Hair Extensions


If you want to change your hair into a new hairstyle with hair extensions, there is no way better than using U-part wig. In this article, let’s discover the secrets of U part wig.

Let’s get started.

1. What Is A U-Part Wig?

U part wig is a wig that has a U-shaped hole in the middle. This hole enables you to blend your own hair into the wig in order to create a natural look. Although you can buy these wig hair extensions, it’s much easier to make your own because you need to decide exactly where this part will be and how the wig will look. It may be time-consuming but the results are worth it.

A U Part Wig

2. How To Make A U-Part Wig

  • Prepare Your Hair

Prepare Your Hair For Braiding: Comb your hair, then apply usual hair cream and hair oil to your hair.

Comb your hair

Figure Out Where Your Part Will Be, Then Section Off Your Hair: Decide where you want to place your part and use the handle of a rat-tail comb to create a V-shaped part in that area. It needs to be approximately 2 to 3 inches wide at the front and 1 to 2 inches at the back.

Temporarily Braid This Section: This part is considered to be the leave out, so you don’t have to do something special for it. Let’s make a simple French braid to keep it from the rest of your hair.

Temporarily Braid This Section

Create Two More Leave-Out Braids, One At Each Temple: Start braiding your leave-out part, run them downwards until it reach your temple. Braid each part as a French braid and finish with a regular braid.

Cornrow The Rest Of Your Hair: You need to cornrow each part of your hair by going back to the nape. You can freely braid the rest of the cornrows horizontally or vertically but remember to end at the nape.

Measure The Length And The Width Of Your Leave Out: Measure the length of your leave-out part, first, at the hairline and then at the back edge. Then determine the width of the front and back edges. Your leave-out will taper slightly, so you need to measure both of these widths.

Measure The Length And The Width Of Your Leave Out

Measure Along The Back Of Your Head: This is where the first weft will be placed. Therefore, you have to measure right along the hairline.

  • Sewing The Wefts Onto The Wig Cap

Pin A Wig Cap To A Wig Head, Then Draw Your Part: Use a wig-making or weaving wig cap to try on a wig head. Then, draw a U-shaped part on the wig cap based on the measurements you have done. You can use a white dressmaker’s chalk or colored eyeliner to do this.

Turn The Cap Inside Out, Pin Back To The Wig Head and Sew Your First Weft: Ensure that the weft go from ear-to-ear, along the bottom edge of the cap. Weaving the weft to the wig cap by pushing the needle through the wig cap and the weft, repeat this process for many time until you reach the other side. Remember not to cut the weft.

Flip The Cap Over And Continue Sewing The Weft: Now, take the wig cap off the wig head. Then, fip the cap right-side-out and leave it back to the wig. Continue sewing the weft.

Cut The Weft And Start Your Next Row: The next row should be placed above the first one about half of an inch. Continue the sewing until the other side of the wig cap is reached. At this point, you can cut the weft, or fold it back and continue to sew the next one.

Continue Sewing Row Upon Row Of Wefts: Work your way from one side to other side of the wig cap, bottom to top in turn.

  • Finishing The U-Part

Finishing The U-Part

Pull The Wig Off The Wig Head And Cut Away The Part: If you previously used sewing pins, remove those first. Cut the wig cap right along the lines with a sharp pair of scissors when you’ve got the wig off. Don’t cut right next to the left weft because we need to add others.

Sew The Final Weft Right To The Cut Edge: Anchor the weft with a double-knot onto the edge of the wig cap. This time, sew the weft to the part, loop the thread over the raw, then cut edge. Knot and cut the thread and the weft when you reach the opposite end.

Sew Combs To The Inside Of The Wig: Choose a set of wig combs that has the same length with your U-part. Sew the combs to each side of the part with the teeth facing away. Then, sew small combs to the nape of the wig with the teeth facing away from the hem.

Style The Wig: At this step, you can straighten, curl, cut or give your extensions some layers.

  • Wearing The Wig

Wearing The Wig

Put The Wig On Your Head

Unbraid Your Leave-Out Hair

Part Your Hair Down The Center

Blend The Wig Into Your Hair If Necessary

Apply Some Shine Serum and Edge Control

You may have heard about U-part wig hair extensions, but not everyone know how to use it properly, especially how to make it at home. Hopefully, all information of the article can help you make it easily. If you want to buy hair extensions with high quality, contact Luxshinehair.com or visit this page to read more about other types of hair extensions. Thanks so much!


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