Different Types Of Silk Base Hair Extensions


Hair plays an important role in creating women’s beauty. However, many people have an inferiority complex with their thin and short, even weak hair. Now, with hair extensions, you don’t have to worry about those problems anymore, especially silk base hair extensions. This is one of the easiest and quickest way to change your own hair into a new look.

Hair extensions using silk bases like wigs or sew-in weaves that come with a closure, frontal, or 360 frontal are the best choice for all women who desire a natural look. These products are not only protective styles but also give you a natural-like appearance. We often wonder about the materials that are used to make a lace when it comes to some types of extensions like a wig, closure, or frontal hair extensions. In fact, many people don’t know much about these types. That’s the reason why today we will provide you the information about silk base as well as some types of silk base hair extensions.

1. What Is A Silk Base?

It’s very important to understand this hair type to have an overview of it. Generally, the silk base is made of a layer of lace and pure fabric on the top of the cap. The knots of the hair is sewn beneath the silk base and concealed between the layers. In fact, the knots occur when the hair strands are knotted to the lace base. Then the hair is inserted through the silk, creating a sensation that the hair grows from your own scalp when you wear these hair extensions. In brief, by this technique, the knots are invisible and look like your real scalp so that you don’t need to worry that other people can realize you are wearing hair extensions.

What Is A Silk Base

2. Types Of Silk Base Hair Extensions

  • Silk Base Full Lace Wigs

It’s kind of a wig that uses a silk base rather than a normal lace. Today, this is the most modern type of hair extensions on the market. Because it is built with silk fabric on top of the wig cap, silk base full lace wigs can give wearers a natural look. Moreover, it gives you a realistic look which is the same as the color of the real scalp. For this reason, you will feel confident comfortable when wearing them. This type of silk base hair will be the best choice for you if you are facing problems of thin and fine hair.

Silk Base Full Lace Wigs

  • Silk Closure And Lace Closure

Generally, people often use a closure piece for the sewing-in installation. If you put it in the right place, you can wear a full weave and give the appearance of a natural scalp.

A lace closure is a hair type whose base is made with a thin lace and the hair strands are inserted into the tiny holes. Therefore, lace closures will give you a hairline that looks very natural.

Meanwhile, a silk base closure is made with the hair embedded through the silk base via the tiny holes. As mentioned above, the silk base is a silk material which is nude and skin-like. It is thicker than a normal lace so that it’s not only difficult to see the natural scalp underneath but also gives you a more natural hairline. The silk base closure, however, requires a super flat application because they are thicker than normal lace closure.

Silk Base Closure And Lace Closure

You maybe consider which is better between these two types, but it depends on your demands because both of them have pros and cons. Silk base closures should be your choice if you want to have hair extensions that give you a natural look and can last for a long time, but it is more expensive than a lace closure for its higher quality.

  • Silk Frontal And Lace Frontals

For a long time, a lace frontal has been a popular type of hair extensions. Normally, it goes from ear to ear; therefore, it can cover the entire front. There are many types of laces, but the silk base may be the best material for its outstanding advantages. A silk base frontal often comes with weaves so that you can buy silk base frontal with bundles of the weave to fulfill your figure as you wish. When using a silk base lace frontal, customers will get a natural hairline that looks like your real scalp, conceals the knots perfectly, and lasts for a long time.

Silk Base Frontal And Lace Frontals

  • 360 Silk Base Frontal

Many girls fall in love with this type of hair extensions because of their convenience and easy to apply. Moreover, customers will have more choices since they come in various styles. This is a half-hair wig and requires some weaves to complete the look.

360 Silk Base Frontal

After reading all information above, you may have more knowledge about the silk base hair extensions like wigs, closures, frontals, and 360 frontals. No matter which type of silk base hair extensions you choose, all of them can give you beautiful hair. Tell us which type you like most. We’d love to hear from you. Contact Luxshinehair.com for getting more information about related articles.

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