Discover Different Ponytail Hairstyles For Women In 2020


Ponytail has become one of the most versatile and popular hairstyles for a long time. This look requires minimal styling, equipment or special techniques, especially you can easily dress it any way you want. You can wear ponytails at high, mid-height, low or on the side as long as it can suit your face shape and hair texture. A ponytail can be the perfect hairstyle to make you look the best on different occasions. Today, we will share with you some beautiful types of ponytail hairstyles that are able to become hot trends in 2020.

1. Short Ponytail

The traditional ponytail is long and flowing, but it can also be suited to short hair. Although you can’t do a high ponytail with short hair, you can get a fresh look in seconds with a low ponytail. It can even look better when teamed with a fringe to create a chic feel.

Short Ponytail

2. Long Ponytail

If you have long and thick hair, the classic ponytail is an effortless look for you. It’s flexible for you to wear this style everywhere from the gym to a meeting or for a night out. The long ponytail is never out of the style whether you style it straight, wavy or curly. Make sure you maintain your long locks with trimmings and daily treatments to keep it looking best. For those who love this look but have fine or thin hair, clip in hair extensions can be a perfect choice to help you achieve this look.

Long Ponytail

3. Cute Ponytail

This cute ponytail is a youthful, playful hairstyle to take on. Although you can keep it simple, it will look cuter with accessories. You can tie your hair with scrunchies, bows, ribbons, or a brightly colored scarf. You can also decorate your hair with colorful hair clips.

Cute Ponytail

4. Easy Ponytail

Upgrading your daily ponytail couldn’t be easier. The first step is to tie the base of the ponytail with the hair elastic. Take and wrap a section of your hair with the elastic to keep it in place. While you can use a bobby pin, a cute clip can give some extra personality to your simple ponytail and make the hairstyle look more polished.

Easy Ponytail

5. Side Ponytail

There’s one tip when doing the side ponytail: don’t go too high. The hairstyle looks best when your ponytail starts at the top or mid-height of your neck. The easiest way to style a ponytail is to frame your face with loose waves and unstructured pieces. You can also keep the wavy texture with sea salt spray. However, this look is more suitable for thick hair, so a sleek side ponytail can work well with fine hair. Use a little amount of gel or styling cream to straighten and smooth down your hair. Then, create a side parting and put your ponytail on the opposite side.

Side Ponytail

6. Half Ponytail

The half ponytail is coming back into fashion as half-up and half-sown style. It is one of the most versatile hairstyles since it looks nice on any hair length and texture. It’s very easy to make this hairstyle because only the top section of the hair is tied into the ponytail. You can put it in high or low position. The higher the ponytail section is, the more volume at the crown of your head will be created. This will make a round face look longer. Meanwhile, the loose lower part of your hair can create a beautiful look to your face.

Half Ponytail

7. Braided Ponytail

If you have more time, try a loose braid ponytail. With this hairstyle, you will experience a soft, romantic and summery feel. This hairstyle is perfect for brunch or a casual date night. It will look best with ombre or highlighted hair because it can show off all the different tones. These braids require thick long hair, so clip in hair extensions will be a good option to do this.

Braided Ponytail

8. Two Ponytails

This two-ponytail hairstyle can be tricky to get right because it might make you look like a schoolgirl. Make sure you disguise the hair elastic with a section of your hair and leave some strands of hair out to frame your face. Your hair will look more attractive when teamed with a smokey eye and a bold brow.

Two Ponytails

Hopefully, all hairstyles above can help you achieve a glamorous hairstyle that you want. Despite modern hairstyles, ponytail hairstyles are never untrendy. If you want a long ponytail hairstyle but your hair is short, don’t hesitate to try ponytail hair extensions. If you want to find out about other hairstyles, visit Thanks for reading!


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