Types of Human Hair Extensions


Human hair extensions are worn by ladies worldwide and are in excessive demand.

Girls like carrying human hair extensions as a result of the feel blends nicely with their very own hair and it lasts longer.  Nevertheless, with the overwhelming quantity of on-line shops promoting human hair extensions, chances are you’ll wish to know that there are numerous sorts of human hair extension and never all are created equal.

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Virgin hair extensions are 100% actual human hair that has by no means been altered by a chemical course of.

Virgin hair is the best high quality human hair accessible available on the market. This hair is dear, but it does final for an extended time than remy hair, making it well worth the funding. Virgin human hair extensions implies that when the hair is collected, it’s collected from virgin hair donors. Which means the hair has by no means been chemically processed (no perms, hair shade and so on), by no means chemically handled, and comes from hair donors with lengthy wholesome hair.

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Virgin hair often comes from youthful ladies, so there aren’t any gray hairs or break up ends. When selecting virgin hair, hair donors should have lengthy full wholesome human hair. When collected, it’s often hand chosen from thick, full, lengthy ponytails.  Since virgin hair collected from ponytails, of wholesome non-processed hair, the hair is already wholesome and it doesn’t require any sort of extra chemical processing to make it look lovely .

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Some hair extension wearers assume that virgin hair comes straight off the top and may by no means be coloured and that constitutes as “virgin hair”. They consider that if the hair is coloured after being collected, that it’s now not thought of “virgin hair extensions”. That’s merely not true in terms of hair extensions. Virgin hair (within the hair extension world) implies that the hair collected is virgin, wholesome, and has no grays, break up ends, or chemical processing on the time of assortment. Virgin hair is fragile and needs to be processed in a different way than different hair extensions to maintain the hair wholesome and gentle prefer it was whereas being collected.

hair extensions 04Processing of the virgin hair is most vital, and loads of firms have a tendency to make use of harsh processing for quicker manufacturing which shortens the life span of the hair extensions.  Utilizing harsh elements and acid baths to course of the virgin hair hurries up manufacturing to supply hair quicker, however the high quality will get comprised. Nevertheless, if the hair undergoes an eco-friendly and mild sluggish course of, the top result’s lovely virgin hair coated in a wholesome gloss.  Virgin hair can final 1 to 2 years with correct care. On the subject of virgin hair, make sure to understand how the hair is processed to make sure top quality hair.

Remy hair extensions are the most well-liked human hair extension available on the market as a result of high quality and worth. Remy hair is a top quality hair that lasts as much as a 12 months and blends very nicely with your personal hair. What’s remy hair means is that every one the cuticles are intact, working in the identical path (at time of assortment).  When all hair strands comply with the identical path there shall be nearly no tangling and matting (if processed correctly). With true top quality remy hair, the hair collected is wholesome, the cuticles intact an


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