Zooey Deschanel

Zooey is thought to never stray from her own hair styles, she cut her long brunette hair into an adorable bob. That new style helps her look younger and fresher than the old one

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson often appeared with long blonde hair. But she makes everybody socked when having a buzz cut dyed brunette. Now it seems that she’ll come back soon with the blonde shape which creates her own impression.

Selena Gomez

Selena seems to change her hair a lot. She appeared in one event with a long soft side braid which seems traditional style but still be fashionable with the beautiful modern hair color. Gently tug and pull the loose layers around Selena’s face and a curling wand for texture keeps her the feeling of being young and fresh like a schoolgirl

2017, for sure was the unforgettable year of Selena because of her hair chameleon. Not until the end of April, she was seen to have a dramatic change- a choppy chin grazing cut which makes her fans love her more because of its beautiful style. Maybe, soon she suddenly surprises us when coming back with her long beautiful natural hair style thanks to using hair extensions

Katy Perry

Katy Perry can be awarded for her continuous change on hair style. From 2008 until now, her natural hair has been already gone away with different hair styles. But it can be denied that she looks most stunning in her signature black locks as she does in a shimmering blonde lob. She even makes it a few inches shorter. After breaking up with actor Orlando Bloom, Perry appears with a shaggy platinum blonde pixie cut.


Emma Stone

Emma Stone impresses the other by her gorgeous red strands. Say goodbye to the shoulder length hair, Emma look dynamic when having a beautiful pixie, look like Mia Farrow’s iconic ’60s. In her Voguecover story, Stone still has her shoulder-grazing lob, it can just be a totally believable hair extension. Anyways, it’s clear that Stone’s still excellent with different hair styles; even her hair is short or long

Celine Dion

Canada’s most famous singer just have changed her signature long natural hair. Now, she has a sleek, shoulder-grazing lob. Celine Dion debuts the new cut at an event for Stand Up to Cancer as an answer for tragic loss of her husband and manager to throat cancer earlier this year. Her outfit featured a shirt having that word: “My Loved Ones #Reasons2StandUp.”

Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure have a big hair makeover from long ombre waves to a fashionable shaggy lob hitting just below her chin. Her hair is straight style and side-parted with lots of texture. It’s longer in the front and shorter in the back, has beautiful movement combined with long side-swept bangs. Daniel Blaylock, Bure’s stylist, tells that “She loved how healthy her hair felt, how effortless it looks, and the movement in the cut!”


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