Top 10 Cool Dreadlock Hairstyles For 2020


Dreadlocks is one of the most popular hairstyles ever. It’s eye-catching, easy to maintain and full of attitude. They are considered to be a protective hairstyle because they don’t need to use any chemicals. They also help the hair maintain moisture and don’t stress the scalp too much. Because dreadlocks extensions take long time to complete, you need to be patient. In this article, we will share some dreadlock hairstyles with you. Let’s keep following.

1. Short Dreadlock Hairstyle

The short dread style seems to be the cutest hairstyle of dreadlock extensions. Such places are of the same sassy consistency as a bob hairstyle but with a greater attitude. Within a matter of months, dreads of this length can form chic and easy to care for. The best thing is that you don’t have to bother with styling your hair.

Short Dread Style

2. Long Dread Style

When you try a long hairstyle, your patient will be rewarded. It may take a long time for making your locks because your hair doesn’t grow in a straight line. Instead, the tangle of your dreadlocks can grow in various directions. If you want to achieve this style without waiting, dreadlock extensions will be your option.

Long Dread Style

3. Medium Dreadlock Hairstyle

When grown to medium length, tighter and thinner dreads will make you look great. This look is polished and has an elegant feel. If you are worried about the thick, heavy dreads that take so much attention away from your dace, this type will be suitable for you. This is also a perfect way to show off subtle hair accessories such as rings and shells.

Medium Dread Style

4. Dread Braid Style

This type of dreadlock extensions will make your hair look thicker and hold the style better. When braiding these dreads, you can do as you would do your regular hair. If you’re bored with the traditional dread look, this classic three-strand plait will be an easy way to make you look beautiful. It’s perfect for a special event such as a wedding party because it looks feminine. You should braid your locks in sections instead of trying to plait the individual ropes hair ropes.

Dread Braid Style

5. Wool Dreads

You should begin to wrap your locks with wool as a preventive step because it avoids frizziness. Wool dreads may also make a serious statement on style. Shake it with various colors or keep it trendy with natural tones such as brown, black and white. Keep in mind that when wet, wool dreads will be heavier and take longer to dry, so you should wash them less regularly. To keep your scalp and your hair clean, you should use dry shampoo for the best result.

Wool Dreads

6. Yarn Dreads

When it comes to wrapping your locks, the yarn has the same function as wool. Nevertheless, yarn may refer to any material or thread while wool refers to the wool of the sheep. If you’re vegan and don’t wear fabrics made from animals, synthetic yarn is for you. These dreadlock extensions will give your hair the same advantages as wool wraps as well as a wide variety of textures and colors. When you have a wool allergy, it can be a nice choice.

Yarn Dreads

7. Crinkle Dreads

Crinkle dreads are a type of funny and quirky twist dreadlocks. The method of getting them is close to how you can make mermaid waves on straight hair. Start by wetting your dreads, then putting three locks in braids at a time. Place all your braids in a hairband to dry them. Then, you’ll have cute kinks and waves on your dreads after un-braiding them.

Crinkle Dreads

8. Cornrows and Dreadlocks

Cornrows is an iconic dreadlocks style that reached the height of popularity in the nineties and is returning into fashion now. When paired with dreads, the cornrow is a near hair with the scalp visible between the rows. This makes your hair look unusual and striking.

Cornrows And Dreadlocks

9. Wavy Dreadlock Hairstyle

You can simply change your hairstyle with wavy dreadlocks extensions. You can use silk or satin-covered hair rollers to make your dreadlocks wavy. You can roll and clip them as your regular hair. This hairstyle will work best on thin or medium-sized locks.

Wavy Dreadlocks

10. Dread Pin-Up

You can create roll style by twisting a section of your locks around the signature shape of a foam hair roller. Then, slide the roller out and use bobby pins to secure your hair. This look is much more elegant if you have braided sides. If not, take the rest of your locks back and secure them at the back of your head.

Dread Pin Up

Some people may not know about this hair type; however, it is still a hot trend for women. These dreadlock extensions will help you get unique hairstyles. Besides dreadlocks, you can try other types of hair extensions such as clip-in hair extensions, tape-in or weave hair extensions at

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