Top Attractive Short Wavy Hairstyles For Women In 20th Century


Over many years, wavy hair is still on trend. Along with the development of the beauty industry, there are several alternations to this style that will suit any women. You will just need to take a few minutes to achieve this look with a little help of hair product and heat tool like hair straightener or curling iron. Read on this article to find out how you can take the desired short wavy hairstyle and make them your own.

1. Short Wavy Bob

The key to create a trendy short wavy bob hairstyle is the way you cut your hair. You can try a new layering technique to get a different hair thickness. Style hair with a deep part to show your personality, then spray a little sea salt spray onto the roots of hair to amplify your waves. If you want to have a cute and playful bob, have your hairdresser cut layers around your face.

Short Wavy Bob

2. Medium Bob Wavy Hairstyle

In fact, a medium length bob is an ideal option for waves. If your hair is naturally wavy, make sure you use a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush to avoid frizz. Besides, remember to apply a sea salt spray on damp hair and blow dry your hair upside down for adding volume and movement. While drying, scrunch parts of your hair with your hands to promote wave throughout your locks. With this wavy hairstyle, you can still ooze elegance without all the hassle.

Medium Wavy Bob

3. Wavy Bob With Bangs

Side bangs are known to be a more feminine touch than normal making the chic women look perfect. To rock this hairstyle, you need to keep your bob at shoulder length instead of shorter length. In this way, the side bangs will easily blend with the rest of your hair making it look natural, pretty and sweet.

Wavy Bob With Bangs

4. Wavy Asymmetrical Bob

Perhaps you are not strange to the asymmetrical wavy hairstyles which is a modern take on the bob.  Some people may feel that a sleek and straight asymmetrical hairstyle is somewhat bold, so adding a wave will make it look softer. With this look, we recommend you go for subtle side bangs to make the asymmetric shape look not too lopsided. To get the cut, have your hairdresser layer on the longer side of the hair.

Wavy Asymmetrical Bob

5. Wavy Inverted Bob

The inverted bob is on-trend favorite of many female celebrities. This haircut requires minimal styling in the morning with the length at the front and shorter hair at the back. This means that you can hit the snooze button. Getting long layers cut across the ends and back means that there will be a natural wavy, however, you should apply a little sea salt spray if needed.

Wavy Inverted Bob

6. Wavy Pixy Cut

A pixie cut can be something you want. You can go for the bedhead look or pick something elegant and chic with short all over or longer throughout the front. However, keep the business in the back and the party in the front to get the wavy look that everyone is looking for.

Wavy Pixy Cut

7. Short Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

Blondes give more fun than other hair colors, so why don’t you try this look whether it’s sandy blonde or bold platinum. If your hair is not a natural blonde, make sure to maintain your hair color with a special shampoo and conditioner to create unwanted brassy tones. Moreover, if you tend to dye your hair, invest in a good hair mask to get the glamorous waves.

Short Wavy Blonde Hair

8. Short Wavy Hairstyle with Middle Part

This classic middle part hairstyle is quite flexible because it is trendy. This hairstyle is ideal for not only oval shaped faces but also other face shapes. You can style your waves anyway you want such as smooth, refined waves or a shaggy, beach babe look. Use a large barreled curling iron to sectioned hair, but only heat for a few seconds. Go in with some hairspray to keep the hair last all day and your curls will naturally drop into relaxed waves for a sleek and cool result.

Short Wavy Hair With Middle Part

We know that there are a wide range of hairstyles that you can choose, but it’s not easy to choose one that is suitable for you. The hairstyles above will never let you down, so try one to change your look. If you want to read more about other hairstyles with different length, visit or follow our page. Thanks for reading!


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