If you are interested in Hollywood films, you absolutely know Emma Stone – a both beautiful and talented actress. She attracts people by not only her acting ability but also her glamorous look. Whenever she comes to our sights, she is spotted with pretty face and a gorgeous hairstyle. Her hairstyles are amazing and can inspired many girls. To have such fabulous hair, hair extensions are indispensible tools of celebrities. So does Emma Stone. Below are top 9 Emma Stone’s impressive hairstyles, let’s see how amazing she is with her hairstyles.

Pretty straight haircut with bangs

Emma Stone looks so sweet with this hairstyle. Her blonde hair with the well-trimmed bangs glimpses off her lashes and make her big eyes even more absorbing.

Retro-chic Blonde Curls

The perfect combination of retro-chic blonde curls, proper make-up and black dress makes her like a powerful Queen. Moreover, the messily-tousled waves on both sides work well to frame the face.

Fairy Medium Loose Curls

This hairstyle is amazing! The ‘Lala land’ star is like an angel in this picture. She is so elegant! If you love this look and want to imitate this center-parted medium wavy hairstyle, it is a good idea that you should apply hair extensions to add volume for your hair. 20 inches hair extensions are for you.

Side-parted Cute Medium Curls

Emma creates this beautiful hairstyle by putting back half of the golden locks back over the ear. This is also the way to show off her beautiful face effortlessly. In addition, the side-swept bangs are great to cover the broad forehead.

Sexy Side-swept Medium Curls

The side-swept medium curls hairstyle brings to her a gorgeous look. The deep side-parting contributes a lot to make the face look longer. Therefore, this style is a good choice for round-face women.

Voguish Hair Knot

Emma Stone is pretty like a doll with the hair knot in this picture. This knot is actually a short ponytail and then the tail has been put inwards.

Medium Wavy Haircut with Blunt Bangs

With this hairstyle, Emma is casual-chic indeed. She looks both cute and glamorous in this look. It can be said that this is a simple yet quite stylish haircut for any women on any occasion.

Cute Ponytail for Golden Hair

Ponytail is never out of fashion. Sometimes you can refresh your style with a cute ponytail. With the cute ponytail for golden hair, she is so lovely and pretty. If you are interested in this style, you can do it at home with the support of hair extensions to get the best result.

Fantastic Loose Curls

Emma’s beauty is shown amazingly with this look. She is sexy and kind of mystery due to the side-parted bangs. Her hair is shiny and smooth. This is a glamorous style.

Above are 9 Emma Stone’s fabulous hairstyles. They are considered to contribute a lot in to enhance her beauty. If you love her and her beautiful hairstyles, you can apply them with hair extensions. Luxshinehair is always ready to provide you with the best hair extensions. We make sure that our hair products are completely human hair and they are 100% natural and unprocessed. You can rest your mind and let Luxshinehair makes your look stunning!


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