Top 8 Impressive Shaggy Bob HairCuts 2019


In modern life, bob haircuts are loved by more and more females at all ages. They not only require a little maintenance but also give us a young and active look that almost independent and busy girls want. Among them, shaggy bob is one of the most favorite haircuts that win the heart of many women nowadays. Today, find out more about various shaggy bob haircuts with Luxshinehair!

Short Shaggy Bob Hairstyles

1. Choppy Shaggy Bob

This is a popular type of short shaggy bob that is great for those looking for a shorter but stylish hairstyle. If you own a rounded face, this hairdo is the perfect choice because it will help to give you a thinner look thanks to its wispy ends as well as messy style. With the choppy shaggy bob, you can feel completely confident and energetic when hanging out with your friends on crowded and busy streets. Specially, for busy and modern women who wish for a low maintenance hairstyle, there is no choice more perfect than the choppy shaggy bob. Not only is it careless but this haircut also gives you a cool look as your dream.

Choppy Shaggy Bob

2. Graduated Bob with Feathered Finish

What do you think about a bob with thin razored layers? This hairstyle has longer ends towards your face. This is one of the most beloved shaggy bob haircuts of many girls who fall in love with short hair. Now, you could be ready to welcome exciting summer with the new beautiful hairstyle.

Graduated Bob With Feathered Finish

3. Side-Parted Wavy Bob

Another style of shaggy bob you should try is side-parted wavy bob. It can be said that bobs always look perfect in different lengths, ends and shapes. So there are a variety of choices for you if you want to change yourself with a new short hairstyle. A shaggy bob with the deep side part and chunky waves is the statement for a modern style that you are finding.

Side Parted Wavy Bob

4. Short Bob with Bardot Bangs

If you want a shaggy bob with bangs to renew yourself, this haircut is definitely for you. A short or medium shaggy bob will look perfect when mixed with wispy bangs. A fresh and new look created by the short bob with Bardot bangs will help you make others impressed so much. It is time for you to change your hairstyle to know how beautiful and different you are. The youth is the best time for changing your figure. Don’t miss this valuable chance!

Short Bob With Bardot Bangs

5. Natural Shaggy Bob with Bangs

You have natural hair with a lot of curls and you are afraid that shaggy bob haircuts are not suitable for you. Don’t think that! Do you know natural shaggy bob is so amazing and unique that not many people can have? Along with some bangs in front of your forehead, this hairstyle will make you look so mysterious and attractive. We are sure that nobody can’t take their eyes off your beauty as well as fabulous haircut.

Natural Shaggy Bob With Bangs

6. Shaggy Layered Bob With Bangs

If you want beautiful medium shaggy bob, try this hairstyle to see a new version of yourself. Layers create an active and young beauty for girls, especially those with strong characters. The shaggy layered cut will look much more interesting when combined with bangs. And now, you will have no worry about your appearance before going out. Do you like it? If yes, don’t hesitate to become more gorgeous with this shaggy bob haircut.

Shaggy Layered Bob With Bangs

7. Straight Shaggy Bob with Bangs

In addition to curly and wavy hair, straight hair is also wonderful in shaggy bob. This haircut is a fantastic variation of shaggy bob hairstyle. Therefore, if you are bored with curly or wavy bob, try a short and straight haircut with bangs.

Straight Shaggy Bob With Bangs

8. Short Shaggy Bob with Temple Undercut

This is another shaggy bob named short shaggy bob with temple undercut that you should not miss. The hairstylist will create a small undercut that makes it so special and unique. It is hard for you to see the buzzed temple at the first time since it is perfectly combined with the rest of bob. Other people will have to say “wow” when you are crossing in front of their eyes.

Short Shaggy Bob With Temple Undercut

Luxshinehair has shown you some of the most beautiful shaggy bob haircuts that can blow a new wind into your look. And now you can choose for yourself the best one to create a fresh and impressive style. Continue to read our other articles to discover more gorgeous hairstyles.


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