Top 10 Coachella Hairstyles To Get a Stunning and Gorgeous Festival Look


The Coachella festival is one of the popular festivals that celebrities attend. The special thing about this festival is that every celebrity over there tries some unique hairstyles to express their personality. So, in this article, we will introduce to you some Coachella hairstyles that make you look gorgeous and stunning.

1. Boho Coachella Hairstyle

Most of the girls enjoy looking glamorous and stunning, so they always opt for the finest hairstyle. The Boho Coachella hairstyles must satisfy you with ravishing look. It also gives a classic and elegant look to go for the festival, especially Coachella. The combination of a braid and open wavy hair strand brings a messy but fashionable look.

Boho Coachella Hairstyle

2. Loose Double Braids With Red Ribbon

Apart from a polished and brushed look, most of the girls often love creating a little messy and uneven look. Unlike other hairstyles, this hairstyle looks cute on any girl, especially girls with medium length hair.

Loose Double Braids With Red Ribbon

3. 4 Braids And A Ponytail

Braids never go out of fashion, that’s why a lot of girls opt for braid hairstyles when going to any festival. However, if you want to look unique and beautiful, it may be wise to try more than one braid. The combination of 4 braids on top of your head and a ponytail will give you the best look. This is one of the most beautiful Coachella hairstyles that every girl should try once in their life.

4 Braids And A Ponytail

4. Twisted Double Boho Buns

Volume is the main key for making fine strands look thicker. Her teased crown along with the large bun makes your hair look thicker. You need to divide your hair into two parts from the middle, then tie each part into a bun. If you want to bring a puffy volume to your hair, it’s necessary to lose a few strands. Try this beautiful style to create a stunning look.

Twisted Double Boho Buns

5. Casual Bobby Pins Updo

If you want to have a unique hairstyle with medium length blonde hair, casual bobby pins updo will be a perfect option for you. This look can give you a cute appearance to attend the Coachella festival. To do this Coachella hairstyle, you need to tie the loose and messy bun behind the ears.

Casual Bobby Pins Updo

6. Double Buns With Braids

It can be difficult to manage a style that combines both braids and buns with shorter or thinner hair. But if you want to add volume and texture to your hair, the Double Buns with Braids will be a good choice. For getting this style, you need to part the hair from the middle and take the hair strands to create the braids on both sides of your head. Tie your hair into two messy buns on top of your head and keep the hair of the back head open. This hairstyle will make you look more active.

Double Buns With Braids

7. Medium Cut With Flower Crown

This look can be very identifiable when the shape tends to resemble the layered look. If you want to balance the volume of the back, try this Coachella hairstyle. This medium length hairstyle can work well on the open hair and is easy to manage.

Medium Straight Cut With Flower Crown

8. Single French Centre Braid

Unlike the dreadlock hairstyles, this is easier, sleeker, and can be maintained for up to a few weeks. You need to remember that the smaller the twist is, the longer it will last. This plays an important role in keeping this specific style from looking dirty and matted.

Single French Centre Braid

9. Side Fishtail Braid with Medium Hair

This is one of the most long-lasting braid hairstyles which doesn’t take much time to do. You will be able to look gorgeous by trying this popular hairstyle in your medium and blonde hair. To get this attractive look, you need to part the hair sideways, then make a side braid on one side.

Side Fishtail Braid With Medium Hair

10. Braided Headpiece Layered 

Braided headpiece layered hairstyle is a classic and elegant hairstyle to try out for medium, long as well as blonde hair. At first, it may be a little difficult to do, but when you get the hang of it, you’ll be plaiting your hair in a very short time. After parting your hair, you need to create three braids. You will look outstanding with the braid in front of your forehead and the braid in the middle of your hair.

Braided Headpiece Layered Hairstyle

These hairstyles are perfect for those who want to represent their appearance in a unique way. These easy but stylish and modern Coachella hairstyles can make you feel confident when attending the festival. Visit our page or follow if you want to know about other hairstyles.


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