Some Tips For Bleaching Your Hair


Bleaching one’s hair has become a trend for the youth, who want to turn into their desired color. Actually, you must bleach your hair when you want to dye your hair with light colors such as pastel, ombre, etc. We have to face the fact that bleaching is never good for your hair. In this article, we will learn about hair bleaching, from that, you will get some tips before bleaching your hair.

Firstly, let’s find out what hair bleaching is.

1. What Is Hair Bleaching?

This is a method of chemical hair dyeing that strips the color of your hair strands. The bleaching process will open up the hair cuticle. The longer you leave the chemical bleaching mixture in your hair, the lighter color your hair will become. Depending on your natural hair tone, your hair can either lighten to a yellow or reddish tone, eventually lighten to a platinum blonde.

What Is Hair Bleaching

2. How To Bleach Your Hair Without Damage?

Keep reading on if you want to bleach your hair without damage or at least minimize damages.

  • Give Your Hair A Break Between Bleaches

The darker your hair is, the more time it needs to be bleached to get the color you want. In fact, some people actually even take four times before they can get the color they want. The problem with this is that it adds a lot of tension to your hair as well as all the dryness that comes with bleaching automatically. Make sure if you bleach your hair multiple times, you will give it time to rest in between.

  • Regular Trim The Ends Of Your Hair

Bleaching makes your hair dry and susceptible to breakage and split ends in your hair. To be honest, it’s impossible to bleach your hair without damage. However, regular trimming can help to keep the damage at bay, especially split ends. Moreover, it helps to keep your hair looking salon-perfect.

Regular Trim The Ends Of Your Hair

  • Deep-Condition Hair Between Bleaches

Because bleaching already dries your tresses out, deep-conditioning of your hair between your bleaching sessions will make perfect sense as well. At least, deep-conditioning helps your hair to get a little bit more moisture and hydration while waiting for the next bleach session. Get a deep conditioner which aims to hydrate and moisturize. Some of our favorites of deep conditioners contain coconut oil, keratin oil or argan oil. You can try out these products if you want to bleach your hair without damage.

Deep Condition Hair Between Bleaches

  • Schedule Your Touch-Ups Properly

Bleaching usually requires a lot of touch-ups as you wouldn’t want the ultra-light-ended dark roots, right? However, you must ensure that your touch-ups are properly scheduled. You don’t want to have to lighten your hair too many times and risk it being ruined, or wait too long before touch-ups and get too much hair growth. If you are going to a salon for a touch-up, remember to only bleach the roots.

Schedule Your Touch Ups Properly

3. Surprise Things That Happen To Your Hair When Bleaching Hair

Before you do anything to your hair and your body, it’s important to know exactly what will happen. So, now we will talk about some things that happen to your hair when you bleach it.

  • The Texture Of Your Hair Changes

The bleach chemicals can permanently change your hair’s texture, especially if you bleach frequently. Most generally, fine hair is thicker, rougher and drier but the bodies of everyone respond differently and the hair can also become straight, curly or frizzy. Bleaching also makes your hair more susceptible to breakage.

The Texture Of Your Hair Changes

  • The Melanin Is Removed

After the cuticles open, the bleaching agent dissolves melanin from your hair. The agent has to remain in your hair for a certain period of time to achieve the desired bleached color, so it has enough time to break down the natural fatty acids on the hair shaft which weakens the strands. This is permanent damage that cannot be reversed and that’s why it’s important to not over-bleach your hair or use products of low quality.

In short, bleaching hair is becoming popular these days. However, before doing that, you need to know that it’s not good for your hair. With the information above, you can expand your knowledge about bleaching hair. If you want to get your hair desired color without damage, hair extensions could be a great choice. You can choose any texture, color you want. Follow website if you want to get high-quality hair extensions as required. Thanks for reading!


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