Some Tips You Need To Know When Using Sew In Weave For The First Time


These days, sew in weave is becoming a popular way that many women choose to apply their hair extensions. However, how to make a sew in weave hair look natural is always a question to wearers. For this reason, today, we will share you some tips to make your hair look not only natural but also attractive. Besides, we also show you some beautiful hairstyles for sew ins.

Firstly, let’s find out what sew in weave is.

1. What Is A Sew In Weave?

A sew in weave is a technique of applying hair extensions to your own hair to create fuller and longer hair. You can achieve sew ins by braiding your hair into a cornrow pattern and use a needle to sew each weft of hair extensions. Sew in weave hair extensions come in various textures, colors and lengths, so you can feel free to choose the style you want.

A Sew In Weave

2. How To Make Your Sew In Weave Look Natural

  • Know The Texture Of Natural Hair

If you know the texture of your natural hair, you can easily choose the hair which can be blended with your natural hair. If your hair is between two different textures, you can mix these two types of hair extensions to make your hair look natural.

  • Use Less Heat

Many people think that using heat tools is the best way to make their hair texture last longer. However, there is a negative effect that these tools give your hair. The use of these heat tools can cause damage to your hair and make your hair dry. Therefore, instead of using curling irons, you should use a rod set. This can stretch the cuticle and make your hair look shiny while still giving volume to your hair.

Use Less Heat

  • Wash Sew In Weaves Like Your Own Hair

Although sew in weaves are strong enough to bleach and style, you should look after them like your natural hair to keep it fresh. Besides shampooing, conditioning is always an important step to keep all hair types healthy. Don’t forget to do this gently.

Wash Sew In Weaves Like Your Own Hair

  • Get Bangs

The bangs can cover the hairline which eliminates the issue of blending your hairline to match to hair extensions. However, choosing a bangs which can match to your hair is very important. The bangs need to look as realistic as possible. If the bang is too thick, you can fix it to fit you.

Get Bangs

  • Blend Hair Color

When the hair color of weave hair doesn’t match your own hair color, it will give you a funny appearance. Therefore, if you want to make your sew in weave hair look natural, you need to find extensions that match to your natural hair color, otherwise, you have to dye your own hair to match the weave hair extensions. However, this will damage your natural hair.

Blend Hair Color

3. Hairstyles For A Sew In Weave

Besides all tips above, you might be looking for some stunning hairstyles for your weave hair extensions. So, we also recommend you some beautiful hairstyles which might satisfy you.

  • Brown Curls

Experience with different hair colors will give you a unique look. Try out brown curls is a great way to lighten up your weave hairstyle.

Brown Curls

  • Curly Weave Updo

Gather your hair weave up into a chic updo with a headband or decorative clips to dress your style up. This hairstyle makes you look more flexible and younger.

Curly Weave Updo

  • Short Curls

Getting a weave hairstyle doesn’t mean that your hairstyle must past your shoulders. With this hairstyle, you can keep your hair sweet with short curls.

Short Curls

  • Layered Curls

You can easily get natural hairstyle by adding body and movement to your curly hair. The layered curly hairstyle is impressive with loose curls.

Layered Curls

  • Asymmetrical Bob Weave

Bobs are a great option for women who have thick hair. The layers of this style will keep the hair from looking too blocky because the hair flows naturally into the longer side.

Asymmetrical Bob Weave

A sew in weave is considered to be a good one depending on many factors. Despite of all tips above, we can’t ignore that the quality of hair extensions can affect the wearers’ appearance. If you purchase cheap hair extensions with low quality, your hair can be fell off and tangled. However, you don’t have to worry about these problems if you buy hair extensions from Luxshinehair. The company is one of the leading company supplying hair extensions with high quality. All of them are made from Vietnam Remy hair. Moreover, they are various in textures from straight, curly to wavy and have different lengths and colors. So, don’t hesitate to contact or visit to get help.

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