These days, the quick weave is becoming more and more popular because of its convenience. You just have to spend few minutes on applying a quick weave while other hair extensions are time-consuming. So, you can save your time when using quick weaves. In this article, we will so you all important things about a quick weave. I’m sure that you will get a lot of information after reading this article.

Firstly, let’s study how to do glue in weave with cap.

1. How To Do A Glue In Weave With Cap

You can change different styles, color and textures of hair without damaging your natural hair when doing a glue in weave with a stocking cap. Besides, ensure your natural hair by washing, conditioning and blow-drying is free of any dirt and oils. Then, braid your natural hair in a beehive pattern. Cornrow the hair in a circular motion starting at the neck’s nape and maintain this process until you hit the head’s crown. Use bobby pins to secure an end to the head of the cornrow. Place a cap over the natural hair to protect the natural hair from any glue that can soak through the cap.

Next, take weave from its packaging and place it against the head. Spread the weave over your head, beginning at the neck nape to decide how much tissue you’ll need. After that, use scissors to remove the excess. Add weave bonding glue to the underside of weave. Place the weave on top of the head over the stocking cap. Then, press firmly to the weave. Now please carry on measuring, cutting and gluing the weave in a circular motion until you reach the head’s crown. Place a small amount of bonding weave glue onto the underside of weave. Roll it up tight. Thoroughly dry out the rolled weave. Separate the hair down the middle of the roll and create a top closure section. Finally, apply weaving bonding glue to the bottom of the rolled weave closure, then place it at the head crown, press firmly on the closure and allow the weave to dry thoroughly.

How To Do A Glue In Weave With Cap

2. How To Do A Deep Side Part Bob Quick Weave

Side part bob quick weave is one of the best hairstyles for the young. However, not everyone knows how to do a deep side part bob quick weave. After reading this part, you will see that doing a quick weave is not a difficult thing. Firstly, braid the hair around the front part to leave out like the edges. Then braid the hair going back. The braids don’t really have to too small because when you part down the sew-in, it’s going to make it flat. There is no need to put like a million braids unless the hair is really short. You just need braid down onto the end and then break the next break going down.

When we get like almost to the middle part of the braid, we are going to take the other braids. We are going to grab the first braid that we did and bring it up. Then, add it until the current break that we’re doing just braid down. Now, we are going to spray and spritz on to make the hair a little tacky for when I put the glue. We should use just two dots of glue on hair so there isn’t a lot of glue touching your hair. We use a little glue to have somewhere to start from and two dots on the end. Every spot from there on the glue goes on the paper. So when it’s time to take it out, it should come right out. Then cut those loose pieces off.

Now we’re just putting on a stocking cap. When you put it on, you should make sure that you’re pulling down really tight. Then, put a thin line of glue all around your perimeter. Blow-dry it to kind of dry the glue a little bit and cut the cap all around. Once you finish cutting the cap, it’s time to bond and burning the hair from the bottom. I’m slowly kind of slant the hair going up and give the bangs more movement. You continue making your weave as the normal ways.

How To Do A Deep Side Part Bob Quick Weave

3. Best Long Quick Weave Hairstyles

  • Weave Box Braids

A current long quick weave trend is box braids. Everyone is seriously wearing these. They’re not only adorable and a time saver but they’re also an excellent form of defense.

Weave Box Braids

  • The Braided Ponytail Weave

Continuing with the ponytail we got this super long braided pony with a base of buns. If you have a funky look, this is super cute. Take the crazy side out with a bright lipstick or big crazy earrings.

The Braided Ponytail Weave

  • Havana Twist Weave

Another quick weave with long hair is Havana twist, which is a simple and stylish way to protect your hair. We don’t have to spend time installing or removing them because they are chunky, which is great for women.

Havana Twist Weave

  • Senegalese Twist Weave

Next, we have Senegalese twist which is smaller and longer than Havana twist. Try this style with different colors such as ombre, even hair jewels.

Senegalese Twist Weave

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