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After the release of the album ” Reputation”, we seldom see a Tay Tay with soft and dreamy appearances. Instead, her makeup style is completely changed and you must be surprised at the beauty of Taylor Swift without makeup. She often appears in front of the crowd with images which are very rebellious but full of sexy and charming. Therefore, in this article, let’s look back rare moments of Taylor Swift with no makeup together with Luxshinehair. You will see that there’s ever had such a lovely Country Princess!


1. Selfie styles

It can be seen that Taylor Swift rarely takes a selfie. However, when having this kind, she often keeps her natural face or makes up very softly. With the advantage of a standard body and white skin, she looks absolutely not ugly. On the contrary, her fans love these images because they look very pure and lovely.

The Olivia Selfie

Without having herself colorful make up styles with expensive customs and cosmetics, Taylor Swift looks extremely natural and comfortable with her cat Olivia.

In addition, she still keeps herself a medium length hairstyle with blonde messy waves and familiar bangs. This image recalls the appearance of the Country Princess in the past. It displays that she is not only beautiful on the stage but also right on her daily life.

The Olivia Selfie

The daydreaming selfie

To prepare for a travel to Manchester in 2018, this busy singer needed time to relax. Sometimes, being a couch potato for a while with her favorite cat is the only thing she needs.

Without any trace of lipstick and eye- liners, The “Snake Queen” looks a bit tired. However, that can’t make her look too bad. She has a perfect face even when not having make-up layers. Combining no makeup style with soft loose curly short hair and the attractive light brown color, no one can make it better than  Taylor Swift.

Daydreaming selfie

Selfie at the recording studio

The time when Taylor in her recording studio is always the time she loves much. Not only because she can freely display her own voice, but also she doesn’t need to makeup or make any unnecessary effects on her face.

Surprisingly, photos that she takes at the recording studio actually make her fans feel excited. Taylor Swift is still very beautiful and full of vitality. She looks “gorgeous” like the name of her new song. We can say that Taylor’s face is very suitable for hairstyles with bangs and light brown color. They help to hide her shortcomings of long and thin face perfectly as well as make her feel more self- confident, even when without make-up.

Selfie at the recording studio

The natural selfie

On her tour in Australia, Taylor Swift shared her own selfie with the background of a countryside. She looks so gentle with the mild make up style or may be it is taken by a photoshop software. Anyway, the image we see is absolutely beautiful and natural.

Combing bangs with a low tied hairstyle and platinum blonde color makes her in harmony with the environment around. It got a lot of good compliments from her fans. During a long time, it becomes the trendy style which girls all over the world love. The attractiveness of Taylor Swift is so wonderful!

natural selfie

2. Street styles

The image of Taylor Swift without makeup is not only shown through her selfie photos but also via photos which are taken by her fans when she is walking on the street.

Dating style

From the period when she was dating with Harry Styles, Taylor Swift didn’t feel shy when having her face without make up. Like other common girls, Taylor looked very happy and comfortable by her lover’s side without afraid that he would see her own ugly image.

She had a hairstyle with low ponytail and the impressive smoky gray color. It was extremely trendy and eye- catching those days. Maybe thanks to that, she had a lot of inspirations to make wonderful love songs.

Dating style

Cute style

This is the picture taken when she had leaved her Tribeca apartment. She looked so active and lovely like schoolgirls in her expensive denim overalls and sneakers. Taylor looked not only beautiful with the standard body and long legs, but she also attracted the others by her natural appearance.

She had a blond short hairstyle with loose waves and side part bangs. It was very outstanding which can beautify her white skin and deep eyes. Indeed, very few girls can defeat Taylor Swift about the face with no making up.

Cute style

Fresh faced street style

This is another picture of Taylor Swift without make up when she hangs out. She stepped out for her casual outing in New York. Without make- up layers, Taylor still felt self- confident walking on the street with a check shirt and black denim jeans. This is the style which every girl can copy.

One of the best highlights is her hair. Taylor has her relaxed natural waves with short hair and bangs. This hairstyle is never out of global fashion. Therefore, if you love wavy hairstyles, don’t omit this suggestion!


Sporty style

In hot summer days, having the face with tons of cosmetics is really crazy. Of course, the owner of hit “Bad blood” never does that in her daily life. Taylor Swift looks strong and dynamic in her sporty T- Shirt and her gorgeous smile.

Accompany by this style is a blonde long hairstyle with natural hair waves. She looks extremely outstanding under the sunlight in beautiful New York capital, right?

sporty style

Princess style

Have you remembered images of Taylor Swift when she sings songs of country music? If not, let us recall it to you. Those days, Taylor very likes braiding hair and she looks so lovely and charming even without strong make up.

Side braid hair fits perfectly with dark brown colors and makes her look prettier than ever. If you also like soft hairstyles, never ignore the braid hairstyle of this famous princess!

taylor swift braid long hair

Do these images of Taylor Swift without makeup layers inspire you? If yes, why don’t you have them by yourself? You only need to always feel self- confident and satisfy, you will still look wonderful like Taylor Swift without making up every time.

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