Tips To Take Care Of 16 Inch Hair Extensions


Have you ever used hair extensions to create a new look. Nowadays, there are many types of hair extensions on the market, but do you know which type is the best? Actually, each type of hair extensions has its own features. However, you can consider to choose hair extensions of Luxshinehair which are made from Remy human hair. These extensions are designed in different lengths, colors, types and textures so that you can freely choose any type you like. Choosing the length of hair extensions is as important as choosing the hair of your dreams. To be honest, if you choose the wrong length for your desired hairstyle, you can get a terrible appearance. We shared you information about other lengths of hair extensions, today we will focus on some tips for caring 16 inch hair extensions.

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1. What Is 16 Inch Hair Length?

16 inch hair refers to natural hair length that reaches the shoulder or longer. This length is transformed into hair that extends past the bond of the collar. 16 inch length is about 40 centimeters which is measured when the hair is straight.

What Is 16 Inch Hair Length

2. The Features Of The 16 Inch Hair

When it comes to the 16 inch hair, there are various options for you. In fact, the features of 16 inch length are similar to other hair lengths, but some are unique.

  • Easy To Style The Hair

Because the hair is quite long, you can easily style your hair. Hair extensions with 16 inch length will also help you achieve ponytail style, bun, a bouffant or any other styles. If you wish for long hairstyles but your natural hair is short, you don’t need to worry with 16 inch hair length. It can not only add volume but also length to your hair to give you a feminine look. With high quality hair extensions, you can even restyle the hair whether your hair is straight, curly or wavy. Moreover, there are tons of choices for you because 16 inch hair extensions is also rich in colors such as blonde, brown, dark and so on.

Easy To Style The Hair

  • The Different Types of 16 Inch Hair

16 inch length has a variety of options you may buy. For example, you can choose Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian hair depending on your demands. Additionally, you can choose different types of hair such as clip in hair extensions, closure or frontal hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, etc.

Different Types

  • No Shedding And Tangling

Like other lengths, you won’t experience shedding and tangling when using this hair. Especially when using hair extensions of Luxshinehair since the hair is unprocessed hair. This natural making process will not damage your natural hair. In addition, Remy human hair with aligned cuticles can reduce the level of tangling you’d rather experience. However, it should be combine with the right products of hair to gain the best result.

3. How To Take Care Of 16 Inch Human Hair Extensions?

With proper hair care, 16 inch hair products of any type can last for a long time. Here are some useful tips to take care of your extensions.

  • Detangle With Patience

It’s important to detangle your hair extensions after daily using. If you store the extensions after pulling out of your head without detangling, this may cause some trouble for you in the next time you use. You should use a wide-toothed comb to remove knots or tangles without damaging the hair and gently brush from the bottom to the top.

Detangle With Patience

  • Don’t Wash Too Much

Your scalp and your hair produce oils to protect the hair; therefore, if you frequently wash your hair, available moisture can be slipped out. As a result, over-washing can make the hair become dry and frizzy. If you want to wash them regularly, you should use a dry shampoo to avoid damaging your hair.

  • Condition The Hair

Conditioning the extensions is considered to be one of the most important steps of hair care process. This will help moisturize, nourish as well as make your hair healthy and shiny. It doesn’t mean that you apply many nourishing products because they can make your hair look dull and limp.

  • Air Dry

Like your real hair, when using a lot heat to style your hair, it can become dry and lifeless. Therefore, it’s better to let your extensions air dry naturally than using a dryer. If necessary, you can use a dryer at low temperature to minimize the damage.

Air Dry

  • Use Heat Protectors

Don’t forget to apply heat protectors before using heat tools to protect your hair.

Use Heat Protectors

In a nutshell, we have shown you interesting information about the length of 16 inch hair as well as how to care for them properly. Luxshinehair will satisfy you because they are one of the leading hair suppliers with high quality. Therefore, you can try these extensions to renew your hair with gorgeous hairstyles. Follow to find out more about other types of human hair products. Thanks for reading!


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