How To Take Care Of Curly Hair- Useful Tips For Your Curly Locks


There has been an increase in the number of women who have curly hairstyle in recent decades. It can be their natural curly hair or styled hair, but no matter how they get their curly hair, it’s undeniable that women look gorgeous and impeccable in their stunning curls.

Therefore, “How to take care of curly hair” is always a big concern of women who want to last their curls longer and stay healthier. Natural curly hair will not require as much time to care as chemically curly hair, but it doesn’t mean you can ignore hair care routine.

In this post, Luxshinehair will give you some useful tips and tricks to take care of your curly hair without using too much time. Take a look and see how to keep your curls longer and softer every day.

Curly Hair

How to take care of natural curly hair?

Natural oil produced by scalp is really important in moisturizing your hair, help it soft and healthy. Curly girls who have natural curls often experience lacking hair’s moisture since it is more difficult for oil produced by scalp to travel from the top to the bottom of hair. Therefore, providing enough moisture to hair is really necessary.

How To Take Care Of Natural Curly Hair

So “how to take care of curly hair naturally?” One of the most effective steps is pre-shampoo. Pre-shampoo will help soften and detangle your curls. Use a conditioner to pre-shampoo. Divide your curls into sections and use your fingers to apply conditioner to your hair gently.

Pre Shampoo Curly Hair

Remember to use cold water to wash your hair since cold water helps to lock in moisture. Because your hair is naturally curly, so try to avoid using curling tools or hair dryer which will lead to breakage. Use foam rollers and let it dry naturally.

Use Foam Rollers

If you own a naturally curly black locks, how to take care of natural curly black hair by yourself? The tips are also quite similar to which we already mentioned above. We also need to keep moisture for your hair, avoid using shampoo containing sulfates or silicones.

Best Shampoo For Curly Hair

How to take care of thick curly hair?

In general, thick curly hair will require more time in washing. To wash your hair carefully, you can divide your hair into 4 to 6 sections, twist and pin it to wash one by one thoroughly. Wash hair by this way can take longer time but it will reduce tangle for your curls and you can reach every corner of your hair. You can use a comb to detangle your curls when it’s still smooth and soft when using conditioner. When your hair dry, it’s harder to comb.

How To Take Care Of Thick Curly Hair

Besides, trimming your hair monthly or every two months is a good idea because thick hair often suffers split ends after 6 to 8 weeks. The split ends make hair look unhealthy and lead to fall out. Layered hairstyle is exactly a perfect hairstyle for thick curly hair. It will give you a natural look and also reduce the heaviness of thick hair. Besides, layers help to enhance curly texture and reframe your face.

Trimming Your Hair Monthly

How to take care of long curly hair?

Girls with long curly hair will find it difficult to dry your hair. If let it dry naturally, it will take a long time. Therefore, a tip for you is using a diffuser when blowing dry your hair. However, don’t over dry, just dry the majority of water then leave the rest to dry naturally.

How To Take Care Of Long Curly Hair

Besides, like thick curly hair, long hair is also easy to get split ends. Therefore, you also need to trim your hair once twice months. Curly or wavy texture is quite difficult to trim, so you should go to hair salon to have better result. Besides, long layered curly hair is definitely impeccable for girls with long curly hair. Layers will give you a gorgeous look.

Long Layered Curly Hair

Curly hair brings women a beautiful charming look which can grab all attention of people wherever they are. Therefore, taking care of hair is very important and essential. The more carefully you dig deep in researching curly hair care, the more beautiful and healthier your curls will become.

Luxshinehair does hope that through this post, you will get more useful tips to look after your curly locks. Besides, if you are interested in curly hair, you can completely try by wearing human hair extensions or wig to see how it works with your face. Feel free to visit our website to receive the best service and products.


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