How To Style Short Hair


It is undoubted that short hair is really sexy.  But not all people know how to style short hair to create gorgeous hairstyles. What about you? If you have short hair and you don’t know how to renew it, reading this article of Luxshinehair is what you should do now. Today, we will show you several amazing ways about how to style your short hair to help you have appealing hairstyles for any occasions you are planning to take part in.

Short Hair

1. Updo for Short Hair

Many people think that updo is not for short hair. But just reconsider! Although your hair is short, you can still create a fashionable and beautiful updo. Short natural curls will make your updo look so romantic and impressive. Whether you are going to the prom, party or the beach, the updos for short hair are always ideal for all occasions! Beside, whichever textures your hair is from curly, wavy to straight, you can definitely create stunning updos to renew your hair.

Updo for Short Hair

2. Wet Look Hairstyle 

You are too busy and have no time to create complex hairstyles for your short hair. Don’t worry! Everything has its own solution. All you need to do is to use a little gel and lots of hairspray to create wet-hair look that becomes the favorite style of many Hollywood celebrities. This is a short hairstyle that you should not miss to look shinning as the way famous people do.

Wet Look Hairstyle

3. Sleek Low Bun

To be honest, low bun is cooler than higher one. Therefore, if you have short hair and want to make something cool, this hairdo is perfect for you. The sleek low bun will give you an elegant and noble beauty that almost women admire for. It is quite easy to style your hair to make the sleek low bun. Apply spritz gel or spray into your hair then use a comb to brush it back into a low pony. After that, twist a ribbon around the small bun before pinning it in a place.

Sleek Low Bun

4. Pixie Cut

If you want to style your short hair, why you don’t try pixie cut for a new look. Honestly speaking, this haircut is the first choice of a variety of girls who love short hair. For busy women, a pixie haircut is a great solution because it is so gorgeous, convenient and proper for hair of any type. It is advised that you should go to the prestigious hair salon and have your hair cut by professional hairstylist. And now, the pixie cut blows a new wind into your short hair, which brings you both beauty and confidence.

Pixie Cut

5. Short Hair with Bangs

Renewing your short hair with some bangs is the smart way that is applied by many girls. Some front bangs will give you a different and interesting look. Is it what you want? To change your short hair with bangs is so easy to do by yourself. What you need to do is to comb some of your hair forward, then adjust the length of bangs. Use a smoothing cream to make hair strands damped and blow dry it. This action will make your bangs look natural and voluminous.

Short Hair With Bangs

6. Sleek and Straight Short Hair

When it comes to sophisticated look, the slick and straight short hair is the champion. Many celebrities choose to wear this amazing short haircut to appear on the red carpet, which makes them succeed in catching all attention from audience. This is so simple to do but still flatters its sophisticated beauty. So, how to create the sleek and straight short hair quickly? Make your hair strands damped with a straightening cream then blow dry it. Finally, use a flat iron to smooth hair your hair from the mid-shaft to the ends. So done! Look at a mirror and enjoy your beauty now.

Sleek And Straight Short Hair

In short, Luxshinehair has provided you with several simple-but-effective ways how to style short hair. Now, you can apply one of these useful ways to create gorgeous hairstyles for short hair that help you show your personality. We hope that this article will give you interesting and helpful information to help you know how to deal with your short hair effectively. If you want to know more about other fabulous hairstyles, continue to follow our articles in this website.


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