If you are too bored with your long hair, it’s time to remove it to new hairstyles with medium length hair. We’re sure that these following hairstyles are going to sway you towards booking a hair appointment this weekend.

Medium Length Hair

1. Classic Hairstyles

The traditional middle parting for medium-length hair is an elegant hairstyle. Not only is it a catwalk-ready hairstyle, a middle parting can also offer an equal balance of bounciness and volume to your medium hairstyle. It is ideal for those days that are care-free and no fuss.

Another classic hairstyle for medium length hair ladies is a low slung bun. Opposite to the top knot, this style is also ideal for medium-length hair and girls who like minimalist and sleek hairstyles.

Classic Hairstyles

2. A Full Fringe

A full fringe on medium-length hair will look just as high-fashion and be great to add a new dimension to your locks without removing the haircut foundations. It also creates the illusion of thicker, fuller hair and the front parts of your tresses are given a plump of volume.

A Full Fringe

3. Bed Head

One of the reasons why we are smitten with the in-between haircut is because it provides the perfect foundation for our bed bead hair. In theory, it’s really easy to get the perfect bedhead, but not everyone can do it. The appeal of a messy bedhead is that it’s cool without styling too complex.

Bed Head

4. Slick Hair

The next hairstyle on our list of beautiful hairstyles for medium length hair is the slick back hair look. The sleek back hair trend has been the style of catwalks for a long time and we think that there’s no more suitable haircut than the medium hairstyle. Slicked back on the sides and top promises to amaze you because of its beauty. To make this hairstyle look gorgeous, apply a decent amount of gel to the roots and comb towards the back of your head. This hairstyle will certainly not disappoint you.Slick Hair


5. Mermaid Waves

Medium-length hair is a great texture length and mermaids are one hairstyle that perfectly mirrors this statement. Creating mermaid waves is an instant way to add volume and texture to your hair, especially when your medium hairstyle has been blunt.

Mermaid Waves

6. Ombre’ Ends

We think that ombre’ ends look nicely on medium length hair and it will add texture and depth to the classic haircut. If you think of adding a bit of color for your medium length locks, we suggest you opt for ombre’ ends.

Ombre' Ends

7. The Curly Medium-length Cut

Bring out your curling iron to add some sexiness and dress up straight hair. Curl hair will make your face look fresher and more modern.

The Curl Medium Length Hair

8. Voluminous Messy Extra Long Bob

If you’re not ready for the traditional bob, try this hairstyle. To make this style, we use a curling iron or large hot rollers to create swooping and messy waves.

Voluminous Messy Extra Long Bob

9. Cute Medium Hairstyle With Flipped Ends

If you want to try a new look, a cute medium hairstyle with flipped ends may be the best choice. Your hair will be passed your shoulder and cut long angled bangs. Textured ends can be curled or flipped up for a gorgeous style.

Cute Medium Hairstyle With Flipped Ends

As we have shown you above, you have a variety of choices when changing your hairstyle. Follow the website or contact us for a new hair extension with medium-length hair without styling your natural hair. We supply a large number of hair extensions which have a lot of textures, colors and length of hair as well.




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