Quick And Easy Step To Apply And Remove Tape In Hair Extensions


Tape in hair extensions are very useful if you want to lengthen your hair temporarily. They don’t need special heating tools, so you can apply them at home without a hairdresser or stylist. With a little practice, it is very easy to apply and remove tape-n hair extensions. Let us continue showing you the instructions of using tape-in hair extensions.


1. How To Apply Tape-In Hair Extensions

Before we get started, here are some helpful tips to get perfect tape-in hair extensions easier.

  • Use a friend: If you have different set of eyes and hands, it will certainly be quicker and easier. If you have no friend to help, you can use two mirrors to see your head’s back and do it yourself.
  • Sticky: You’ll sandwich a layer of your hair between two extensions.

Below are some important steps that you should follow when applying tape-in hair extensions.

a. Step 1: Sectioning Your Hair

  • Wash Your Hair

Extensions will last longer when you clean them before applying. Remember to wash and dry your hair as you would normally. If you have dirty hair when trying to stick to the wefts, they will come out quicker, generally at the worst possible time.

Wash Your Hair When Applying Tape

  • Make A Part Across Your Scalp

Use your finger or a comb to make a horizontal part around an inch from your neck’s nape. You will apply the extensions close to the line of the part made. So, your upper hair will hide the clips.

Make A Part Across Your Scalp

  • Section Off The Top Hair

A hair tie or hair clip can be used to protect all hair above the part line.

Section Off The Top Hair

  • Remove The Non-clipped Part Of A Thin Portion Of Your Hair

The idea is to insert a thin hair strand between the top and bottom extensions below your part line. Take a very thin strand of hair from under your part line about the length of one extension. Make sure that the hair is thin enough that your fingertips can reach each other through your hair.

  • Measure The Section

Use a cloth tape measurer before attaching the extension to measure the hair section that you have parted. Do this in any section.

b. Step 2: Applying Your Tape In Hair Extensions

  • Attach The Thin Portion Of The Hair To The Bottom 

Take your hair strand and lift it a bit. Remove the strip of the bottom extension which covers the adhesive. Press the bottom extension underneath the thin hair strand you lift.

Attach the thin portion of the hair to the bottom 

  • Secure The Top Extension

Press the top of your hair strand after removing the adhesive tape covering that extension. The top and bottom should stick together. Then, press them for a few seconds together with pliers to secure them.

Secure The Top Extension

  • Repeat The Process

Move across your side part, repeat this process until all of the extensions have been added.

c. Step 3: Caring for Your Hair Afterwards

  • Take Extra Time To Look After Your Hair

Hair extensions tangle easily and extra hair means you’ll take in the shower for longer. Make sure to account in the morning for having more hair.

  • Brush Your Hair Regularly

Extensions tend to get tangled. To keep your hair fresh and natural, brush your hair twice daily at least while your extensions are in place.

Brush Your Hair Regularly

  • Keep Your Hair Secure Overnight

You can braid your hair or pull it into a loose ponytail before bedtime. It can also help you sleep on silk pillows.

Keep Your Hair Secure Overnight

2. How To Remove Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions are easy to remove without damaging your natural hair. The removal process of the tape requires a hair extension tape remover product and some patience to work through your entire hair.

a. Step 1: Applying Hair Extension Tape Remover

  • Move Your Hair Away To Expose The Tape

Start from the side of your head and make sure that you can see what you are doing in a mirror easily. Shift all the hair on top of the hair extension that covers the tape to the other side of your head. Then keep the hair you’ve pushed out of the way with a clip if it doesn’t stay alone.

  • Saturate The Tape With Tape Remover For Hair Extension

The removers of hair extension tape are oil-based products that dissolve the glue holding the tape on your hair. You should spray the product over the tape. This helps to peel off the tape easily.

Saturate The Tape With Tape Remover For Hair Extension

  • Apply More Remover And Let It Sit For A Minute If It Is Still Stuck

This step helps the remover loose the glue, which will make it easier to remove the extension. Next, wiggle the hair extension to make sure it is secure and the tape feels like it lifts away and removes the hair.

b. Step 2: Peeling The Tape Away

  • Peel Away The Tape Gently

Use your fingernails to remove the tape from your head. The tape will remain attached to the hair extensions.

Peel Away The Tape Gently

  • Work Your Way Through All The Extensions On Your Hair

Work through each hair extension row, beginning at left and finishing at right. Start at the top of your head and work downwards.

  • Wash And Condition Your Hair

Wash your hair as usual and apply a conditioner to keep your hair moisturized. To help remove the stickiness, comb the conditioner through your hair.

Wash And Condition Your Hair

We hope that you can use tape-in hair extensions easier after reading and practicing all steps above. Follow website Luxshinehair.com to get more information about tape-in hair extensions. Thanks for reading.


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