Some Tips To Get Salon-Quality Color


These days, many people love dyeing their hair to achieve outstanding hairstyles. However, dyeing hair is not an easy thing, let’s follow these tips to get a great dye job on the cheap every time.

1. Don’t Make Drastic Changes

Hair dying’s number one rule of thumb is to avoid drastic changes. Any time you want to change more than three shades of your hair color, it’s best to see a pre. Sometimes lightening hair requires a light base and going extremely dark can lead to higher chances of patchy color. When you want an extreme makeover, go to the hair color.

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2. Choose The Right Shade

Do not make the mistake of going to the store and just grab a hair colored box. Take your time, instead. Even if you love the hair on the box of the model, there is little hope that your hair would look the same as yours. For an unexpected outcome, individual hair thickness, skin tone, and current color can all affect your performance. The best thing you can do is to choose a skin tone based shade.

Choose The Right Shade

3. Prep Your Hair

Color works best with dirty hair because the slippery conditioner that freshly washed locks have is lacking. The coloring is usually fine 24 to 48 hours after your last wash. That way, for more predictable results, color stays on the strands and penetrates better. Start by combing your hair into your usual style. Therefore, the color on top can be mastered before switching to the hair under the first coat.

4. Gather Tools

Keep the tools you need available so you don’t have to waste time looking when your color is being processed. You may also need to cover any light-colored counters in your bathroom because even light-colored hair formulas will stain.

5. Do A Strand Test

While it may seem one of the less significant steps, don’t make the mistake of missing the strand test. It tells you exactly what the hair dye looks like on your hair and helps you to change the processing times. Only catch a half-inch hair segment which is normally not noticeable.

Do A Strand Test

6. Apply The Color

If you’re just touching your roots, load and start your dye brush up there. If you are coloring all over, first apply it to the hair that is visible when combed into your usual style and then move on to the bottom layers of the hair.

This is where it comes in handy for your dye brush. Brush the color as close as possible to the roots, then drag the color down the length of your hair while it is flat on your head. Continue the process until the first layer is fully saturated. Then use your hairdresser clip to remove the top section’s first inch and continue the process onto the next layer.

Set your timer as specified in the instructions for color, until your head is fully covered. Starting it when you first start coloring your hair could mean your bottom layers don’t get enough time to process it.

Apply The Color

7. Add Heat

Some hair is more color-resistant than others. If you have thick hair or are going lighter than the color of your natural hair, adding heat will help improve the penetration of the dye for better results. You probably don’t have your bathroom with a salon-quality dryer, but any hairdryer would.

8. Rinse And Condition

Rinse your hair without using shampoo, you’re your timer goes off. It might be tempting to just wash it over the sink, but you might end up leaving color in your hair, which is extremely damaging.

Do yourself a favor instead and get in the shower, so you can wash thoroughly. Finally, finish with a good quality conditioner in the color hair box. You can check on your skin for dye drips, too. If you notice a few, use an exfoliating cream and they should come off right away.

Rinse And Condition

9. Style And Assess

Finally, style your hair as normal and check the results. When your hair is still wet, do not make any snap judgments as water makes your hair look darker than it really is.

Style And Assess

We have mentioned some tips for a nice appearance of dyed hair as well as how to dye your hair at home. Hopefully, this article can help you get your desired color. However, if you want to get great hair color, contact for getting hair extensions without damaging your hair. Thanks for reading!


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