You can attract the heart of everyone by a beautiful quick weave. That is the reason why many people say that “invest in your hair and you will never regret it”. If you want to buy a hair extension like weave, bulk or other types, welcome to beequeenhair company. It is known as the leading company in providing high-quality hair products. In this article, we will share some useful information about some common hairstyles with a quick weave. This makes the weave’s installation process faster and easier. Firstly, we will tell you the definition of a quick weave.

Quick Weave

1. What Is A Quick Weave?

Many people can’t know exactly what a quick weave is. In fact, it is a weaving technique where the wefts are glue to a protective cap on the head. This cap plays an important role in protecting your hair from the glue. The weave is attached to the cap instead of your real hair so it will be easy to be removed and replaced. That is the reason why many people like this technique for its convenience. If your hair is short, don’t worry because you can totally glue in weave on short hair. Besides, a quick weave also brings a variety of benefits for wearers. You can have a professional stylist done it or even you can do a quick weave at home by yourself. You don’t have to worry about applying a quick weave because it’s not difficult. We are sure that a quick weave will bring you a new appearance. You can freely change hair extension styles from short, long, curly, wavy with a lot of color in your requirements.

What Is A Quick Weave

2. Some Common Quick Weave Hairstyles

  • Middle Part Quick Weave

A variety of people like and use this quick weave for its amazing functions. If your face is round, it will bring the feeling of a longer face. However, if you have a long face, it will balance your face with the illusion of a round look. Like other styles, you can also do middle part quick weave styles with or without leave out.

Middle Part Quick Weave

  • Side Part Quick Weave Style

You are thinking about having a new hair this summer. You would like to have short hair but not ready for cutting, consider to choose a side part quick weave style. A straight and fine texture weave mixed with a deep side part is required to do a side part quick weave style. The deep side part will help to balance the length and texture of your hair, it looks as if longer bangs would enhance your look. You might wonder how to make a quick weave with bangs, right? We will explore this secret in the next topic.

There are some common ways to do this quick weave style like side part glue in weaving with leave out or quick weave side part without leave out.

A quick weave part not only brings you a glamorous beauty but it also saves time. If you have a side part in your natural hair, you are much more confident.

Side Part Quick Weave

  • Quick Weave Bob

If you want to own a beautiful bob without cutting your own natural hair, a quick weave bob will be the best choice for you. These days, quick weave bobs are becoming more and more popular styles for women. There are some quick weave bob styles that you should try such as asymmetrical bob, blunt bob and side-part bob. These styles seem to be a little bit similar but each style has its own features. You can do a quick weave bob with leave out or closure.

Quick Weave Bob

Now, do you have any questions about a quick weave? We hope that the above-mentioned details will help you understand more about quick weaves. Contact us or follow website if you want a nice hair extension in your requirements. I wish you have a beautiful hairstyle as you want. Thanks for reading!




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