Top Side Part Bob Quick Weave Hairstyles


Side part bob haircuts give off a fresh, modern and younger look. For many years, this style has been suitable for women of all hair types and ages. These pictures below are some coolest side part bob quick weave hairstyles this year. These hairstyles come in different textures and colors. Let’s continue reading!

1. Pretty Curly Bob

This chin-length style is a great option for those looking for a new length to experiment. It is long enough to part in a sexy and short way for low maintenance.

Pretty Curly Bob

2. Stylish Wavy Bob

This soft tousled neck-length layered cut on a deep part with minimal waves is an effortless look for any formal or casual occasions. You should put one side of your hair behind your ear to show off a beautiful necklace and compliment your make-up.

Stylish Wavy Bob

3. Chic Angled Bob

Chic Angled Side Part Bob Weave is also one of the best bob hairstyles this year. A natural bronze shade combined with a straight smooth cut allows for a gentle and trendy appearance.

Chic Angled Bob

4. Splendid Sew-in Bob

It features the ultimate summer style that will leave you feeling comfortable while being protected from the sun. You can also wear it with a sassy jet black to brown ombre.

Splendid Sew In Bob

5. Impressive Short Bob

This dazzling platinum blonde is a modern approach to the traditional hairstyle on a jaw-length cut. Note that the natural dark roots make it easier to maintain this beautiful hairstyle for a long time.

Impressive Short Bob

6. Modern Quick Weave

With its special fresh hue, this asymmetric blunt bob looks mesmerizing.

Modern Quick Weave

7. Remarkable Deep Side Part

Give your textured bob a new appearance for a deeper and sexier finish when you divide it like this. It is a cool look that works great on face shape

Remarkable Deep Side Part

8. Flattering Layered Bob

Layered bob seems to be on top of side part quick weave bob hairstyles. This is a funny razor cut on some pretty natural blonde hair. An easy hairstyle like this could create the texture and movement as you need.

Flattering Layered Bob

9. Amazing Blunt Cut Bob

This look is incredibly flexible. We can cut this bob in such a way that you would have a lot of texture choices if you wanted to curl it. On the other hand, it would look sleek and tidy if you wanted to have it straight. The most beautiful thing about this look is its color. It will look best on blonde ombre. This is an outstanding cut for those who don’t worry about maintenance.

Amazing Blunt Cut Bob

10. Trendy Long Bob

These are just a few quick waves with some flare to stand out. The special feature of this side part quick weave hairstyle is the dimension with the balayage that complements her skin tone with blondes and some caramel. The change from natural hair is ideal for those who don’t have time to continue to come to the salon.

Trendy Long Bob

11. Cute Shoulder Length Bob

It is the most versatile bob haircut. It is cut blunt around the edges, but on the inside, it is textured. I’m not suggesting that you use hairspray as a finishing spray because it takes away all movement.

Cute Shoulder Length Bob

12. Edgy Asymmetrical Bob

The loveliest thing about this look is that by wearing it smooth, you can make it classy and elegant, or you can make it look edgy by adding a bit of curling iron and some texture spray to it.


13. Dazzling A-line

This A-line bob is a trendy and modern look. Among A-line shape, the blue enhancing the graduation and the texture in the layers, this side part bob quick weave is sure for those who want to rock a fun, trendy style. Besides, it is ideal for both long and short hair. This style is ideal for someone who is trying to elongate their face and make it look like they have got more volume. It is great to style with fine or medium-thick hair that is already straight or has some textures to it. I’d first spray a volume spray in the crown area near the root to get this look. You just need to flip your head upside down and dry that root a bit to get volume.

Dazzling A Line

You have got information about some best side part quick weave bob hairstyles. We ensure that you can choose one which makes you satisfied.  Follow website if you want to get more information about different side part bob hairstyles. Thanks for reading!


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