Rihanna’s stunning hairstyles


RiRi is not only a successful singer and song-writer but she is also a businesswoman. Moreover, she is very talented in getting everybody’s attention and admiration by transforming her look instantly. Her hairstyles are what people’s looking at first every time she shows up. Let’s take a look through them and find out how she can do that! Maybe you can yourselves at least a suitable one.

  1. Side-parted Long Curls

She used to appear with the long cherry-red curly hair in one of her music videos. So charming and gorgeous it is that she wants to have this style again. This bright special color makes her a queen of the night and be the highlight. The long curly hair with awesome locks can suits any face shapes so if you want to have a chic look like RiRi in this pic, you don’t need to be indecisive. When having this style, sweep half of the beautiful locks to the front so that you can be more girly and elegant. You don’t need to dye your natural hair this cherry-red color if you wear hair extensions in this hairstyle.


  1. Braided Hairstyle

She can burn anybody with one look in this amazing hairstyle. The fire-like color of her straight braided hair gives her a both hot and girly look. Her skin suits this color so well that it almost becomes her iconic color. The braided fringe is a also another highlight that gives her a sweet look. Try out this one because this hairstyle is suitable if you want to use hair extensions to lengthen your hair.

  1. Mid-length Bob

She looks completely different in this seductive medium hair. The medium length bob hairstyle really makes her look stunning and impressive. Once again, she shows up in her iconic color- the up-dated cherry red and it makes her hot. The modern hairstyle is done by the combination of a traditional blow-dry. It is not too hard to do when you want to try it to go to some parties or events. This haircut would be great those with round and square face.

  1. Burgundy Pinned Up Ringlets for Holidays

These adorable ringlets completely change Rihanna and make her become a sweet princess in reality. Her red curly hair is pinned up and the long fringes work very well to frame her face. Try as many hairstyles as she usually does, each of them suits her perfectly and makes her become a beauty queen. The accessory she chooses is a bowknot hair band which makes her more cute and romantic. This hairstyle is ideal for you to go on a summer holiday. Because of the using of hair band, wearing clip in hair as bangs in this hairstyle will look natural and make your look become sweeter.

All of those hairstyles from RiRi will give you a beautiful and sweet look. No matter you’re having long hair or short hair, you can completely do your hair up with those styles by wearing hair extensions. With 25 years of experience in hair industry, Luxshinehair Extension Brand are proud of supplying high-quality Remy hair extensions. Our Vietnamese hair extensions can help for people to get the best effects from applying those shiny, gorgeous and beautiful hair extensions for enhancing and transforming their hair look.


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