Recommendation of Lighteners For Balayage


When it comes to balayage, technique is very important. In order to achieve the best results that you’re looking for, you need to make sure that you are not only using the right product but also the right consistency. In this blog, we will find out what makes for the best lighteners for balayage.

1. What Is Balayage?

In simple terms, balayage is the method by which you use freehand motion to highlight your hair. This begins from the middle and goes down to the tip of the hair. The end result is a natural look that most people have during the summer. Many people call it a sun-kissed style.

Balayage Hair Color

2. The Importance Of Consistency

Balayage is the technique of getting a natural look without harsh lines of demarcation. In order to achieve this, the lightener needs to have the right consistency. Using the product with the wrong consistency is one of the most common mistakes of balayage.

The right product consistency depends on a variety of factors including the quality of hair. For example, product clings more easily to coarse hair, so it needs a slightly looser consistency. On the other hand, fine hair often doesn’t hold the product as well so that fine hair often requires a thicker consistency.

3. The Case For Clay-Based Lightener

Generally, stylists use a clay-based lightener for all balayage applications for a lot of reasons.

The first is consistency. It’s easy to change the thickness and consistency of the clay-based lightener to get the exact consistency you need.

The second reason has to do with the drying of clay-based lighteners. Clay hardens from the outside. It keeps the inside of the treated hair wetter longer allowing the product to penetrate and maximize the lift.

The third reason is that you can create a clay lightener in a way that you cannot do with a traditional foil lightener.

4. Which Are The Best Lighteners For Balayage?

There are a variety of types of lighteners for balayage which have different advantages and disadvantages. Below are some types of lighteners you can choose.

  • Clay Lightener

This one comes in the consistency of toothpaste. This makes it easy to keep your hair when it comes to coloring. The best thing is that you can easily control your hair to prevent it from mixing with the existing balayage. The item has oxygen-releasing boosters that make it easy to penetrate your hair. Some of the clay lighteners have powder form and you have to mix it with liquid to create the paste. Normally, the powdered form doesn’t contain any conditioners that will make your hair dry.

  • Crème Lighteners

The type of crème is very thick, so it’s going to dry out. Besides, everyone can apply it easily. The crème also contains conditioners that will keep your hair healthy from the harshness of chemicals. Although it’s easy to apply, it has large molecules. Therefore, it takes more time to penetrate your hair.

  • Oil Lighteners

This is the mildest type of lighteners. Compared to the two types above, it is thinner in texture, making it suitable for mixing with developers. It’s also easy to apply, but since it’s not as strong, it’s better to act as a temporary lightener.

The Best Lightener Products

  • Pravana Pure Light Power Lightener

I must say that a clay-based lightener makes it one of the best lighteners for balayage in the market. This product is mostly voted because of the thicker consistency. When you apply it on your hair, it will not cause too much mess. Moreover, it’s very effective whether you need it for the whole head highlighting or balayage use.

Pravana Pure Light Power Lightener

  • Oligo Blacklight Balayage Clay Lightener

This product is rich in moisture which is needed to combat the dryness of the hair when you color your hair. With this lightener, you don’t have to use the sulfate and paraben for the process. The design of this product will suit those who have sensitive skin and scalp, so you don’t need to use the foils.

Oligo Blacklight Balayage Clay Lightener

  • Sunlights Professional Balay Balayage Lightener

Here is another lightener for balayage which doesn’t require heat. The perfect consistency of this lightener helps to paint your hair to the desired vibrant color.
Sunlights Professional Balay Balayage Lightener

We have shown you some main types of lighteners for balayage. Both of them are popular products in the market so that you can choose any product. Contact if you want to buy hair extensions to change your hairstyle without dyeing or bleaching.

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