Reasons Why You Should Choose 20 Inch Hair Extensions


In modern life, hair extensions is becoming more and more popular among women all over the world. There are many types of hair extensions but do you know that choosing the good extensions is a whole process. There are many factors to consider before purchasing hair extensions and one of them is the hair length. As you may know, there are a lot of length sizes in hair length chart to meet customers’ different demands. This is because some people like long hair while others love short or medium length hairstyles. In the end, all you want is to choose the right length to make your hair look natural and beautiful. In this article, we will give you important information about 20 inch hair extensions which is suitable for those who love medium hair length. This hair length will bring a new appearance for your hair and make your hair look as natural as possible. Let’s keep reading!

1. What Is 20 Inch Hair Extensions?

You need to notice that all hair length in hair length chart is defined when hair is straight, so the hair will be shorter if you choose other textures. 20 inch hair length is about 50 centimeters long. This length is ideal to help you get outstanding medium length hairstyles. With this length, you can style your hair with straight, wavy, curly, kinky or fumi texture. If your hair is too short, even bald, it can help you solve the problem. You can also get a completely fresh and young appearance with the length of 20 inches.

20 Inch Hair Extensions

2. Advantages Of Wearing 20 Inch Hair

You may not imagine amazing advantages that 20 inch hair extensions bring to wearers. Below are a few main advantages that we want to mention.

  • Add Volume And Length

By wearing hair extensions, you are no longer inferiority about your thin and short hair. With this ideal length, you can try different textures as well as hairstyle that you wish.

Add Volume And Length

  • Cause Zero Harm To Your Natural Hair

With 20 inch hair extensions of Luxshinehair, your natural hair will not be damaged. Especially, these extensions allow you to style them like your own hair. For this reason, other people cannot realize the difference between your own hair and your hair extensions.

  • Have Many Hairstyle Options

As you know, every girls want to look beautiful, especially in special occasions like a party or a prom. Normally, you have to go to a salon and wait stylist for styling your hair. This is not only time-consuming but also damaging your hair. But now, you can try a new look with this hair length without waiting for a long time. Moreover, you will have various options in choosing hair colors and style without damage your natural hair.

3. How To Take Care Of Hair Extensions Of 20 Inches

To lengthen the lifespan of hair extensions, it’s important for every girls to know how to take care of them because healthy hair extensions can maintain your glamorous appearance.

  • Washing Tips

Although hair extensions are virgin or remy hair, it should be washed, styled gently like your own hair. You should wash them with warm water and gentle shampoo to avoid causing dryness to your hair. Over-washing is also never good. This is because if you wash your hair too frequently, the natural oils from your scalp will be taken that can make your hair become weaker. Besides, after washing, remember to let your hair air dry or use blow dryer at low temperature if necessary.

Washing Tips

  • Storing Extensions Carefully

After using 20 inch hair extensions, you can store them in a box that is big enough to accommodate them properly or in storage bags made for extensions. One of the most important things is that hair extensions must be dry before they are put in place.

Storing Extensions Carefully

  • Using Care Products

When you know how to use hair care products for hair extensions, you can give them a long lifespan.

Using Care Products

4. Types Of 20 Inch Hair Extensions Of Luxshinehair

Luxshinehair is proud of being one of the most prestigious hair suppliers in Vietnam whose products are also diverse with different types of hair extensions for customers’ demands.

Bulk hair and weave hair are the most common products of the company. Bulk hair extensions is mostly used by traders or wholesalers who buy them to make other types of hair extensions.

Bulk Hair

Weft hair extensions are sew-in types so that they are very neat and easy to use.

Weave Hair

Besides weave and bulk hair extensions, there are many different types of extensions such as clip in hair extensions, tape in hair, wig hair extensions and so on. These types are often bought by other suppliers, hair shops or salons. They are more convenient and safer than bulk and weft hair because they can be put in and taken off easily.

Keratin hair extensions can be a good choice for girls who only have some spare hair positions.

20 inch hair extensions are worth buying if your hair is too thin and short. This kind can give you a softer and more charming look. If you want to know more about hair extensions with other length sizes, visit and contact

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