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Many girls want to have a charming long hair. Some like curly hair, some desire wavy hair because of its texture. However, straight hair is also a good choice for women who love simple hairstyles. Because of its natural feature, it can blend very well with your natural hair. With straight hair, you don’t need to take much care like curly and wavy hair. They are just two of many reasons why you should choose straight human hair bundles for changing up your hairstyle. Now, let’s dig on more details about this hair type.

Benefits of Using Straight Human Hair Bundles

Have High Quality

Each straight human hair bundle is cut from one single donor which is unprocessed, so all hair cuticles still stay intact. Therefore, there is no smell, tangle or shedding on your bundles. Besides, you don’t need to stick to one hair color or style because it can be treated as your real hair. If you are a fashion diva who wants a drastic color change, a perm or straightening procedure, this hair extension can help you make your wish come true. In another word, it can withstand elevated temperatures like your own hair, you don’t need to worry about using heat tools.

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Give A Natural Look

As mentioned, straight hair bundles can blend well with your natural hair, so it will give you a natural-looking effect. Especially, if you purchase bundles with closure or frontal deals, it’s difficult for others to realize you’re wearing hair extensions.

Give A Natural Look

Versatile Hairstyle

No matter the style you choose, you can get a gorgeous look. Straight hairstyles never go out of fashion. You can cut long straight human hair bundles to short or make it into short bob human hair wigs or perm it into curly human hair bundles.

Versatile Hairstyle

Save Time

You only need to take a few minutes to apply these bundles with the sew-in or glue in method. Besides, you don’t need to spend much time on styling your hair, especially on busy days. All you need to do is using a brush or your fingers to comb your hair.

Add Length And Thickness

You are in the feelings of inferiority? Now, with straight human hair bundles, you can get a luxurious look like movie stars without making many efforts. These extensions can change your thin, short and damaged hair into charming long locks. You will be in a sense of confidence although you are in the crowd.

Less Damage

Unlike curly and wavy hair bundles, you don’t need to use heat styling tools on your straight hair regularly. The restriction of heat exposure will help your hair stay healthier and look shinier.

Long Lifespan

Because it is human hair, it can last for a long time. While synthetic straight hair bundles are only used in a few months, human hair bundles can last up to a year.

Which Texture Of Straight Human Hair Bundles Is The Best?

To meet customers’ demands, hair extension suppliers produce straight bundles with various textures and colors. There are three main textures of straight hair on the market. They are natural straight, kinky straight and yaki straight hair. So, what is special about each of these textures?

Natural Straight

If you are an Asian woman, natural straight human hair bundles will be your perfect option. This hair type looks no different from your natural hair.

Natural Straight

Kinky Straight

You can use kinky straight hair bundles to try more hairstyles. It mimics the hair of African American women, so it looks like your own hair. Because the shape of kinky straight bundles is fluffy, soft and feather-light, it makes you more casual.

Kinky Straight

Yaki Straight

Yaki straight hair can match the rhythm of natural hair that has been pressed straight or freshly relaxed. This hair type is lightweight yet full of body and flowy movement. This is a great option for those who want a textured straightened look.

Yaki Straight

As far as you know, each texture has its own features. Currently, there is no exact answer that which texture is the best choice because all of them can blend very well with your natural hair. Depending on your skin color, you can ask sellers for advice to choose the most suitable one.

Regular Care For Straight Human Hair Bundles

Detangle Your Straight Hair

This is a very important step prior to shampoo your hair. Use a wide-toothed comb or a detangling brush to comb your bundles. This step is to make sure that your hair is tangle-free. Remember to comb your hair in small sections and work from the bottom to the top.

Detangle Your Hair


Shampoo your bundles at least once a week to keep it always clean. Even, you should wash your hair more often if you have been in a dusty environment. Of course, daily washing is not recommended because it can make your hair become dry. You should clean your hair a maximum of 3 times a week. Wash your hair from the top down in one motion with a moisturizing shampoo.


Similar to shampooing, it’s necessary to condition your straight hair with a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair moisturize. All you need to do is applying a small amount of conditioner to your hair, massage your head in a circular motion and leave it in a few minutes to help the hair absorb nutrients. Then, it’s time to rinse it out thoroughly.


Use Hair Oils

Hair oil gives your hair many benefits that you cannot ignore. It not only stimulates hair growth and adds shine to your hair but also helps prevent heat styling damage.

Use Hair Oils

Where Can You Get Straight Human Hair Bundles?

Whenever you want to purchase straight hair bundles, let’s go to reliable stores like Luxshinehairstore. This is also one of the leading hair extension suppliers from Vietnam. This must be your great choice if you want to own high-quality straight hair products at rock-bottom price. You will be satisfied when purchasing hair extension from this brand because they provide you with great products and good service.

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