How To Protect Your Hair From Harmful Air Pollution


As with your skin, air pollution can have a negative impact on your hair. Your skin and hair are the first parts of our body to be exposed to air pollution. Unlike your skin, hair is often left to little protection when it comes to battling air pollution and environmental factors. We’re covering the ways you can protect your hair from pollution

How does air pollution affect your hair?

Because hair is often unprotected, it’s very susceptible to air pollution damage. Soot, dirt, dust and gases can cause scalp irritation, dryness, breakage and even premature baldness. If you follow most beauty and style advice, you put a considerable amount of product in your hair. Between serums, sprays and lotions, hair care experts are inadvertently making your hair more susceptible to attracting and collecting air pollution.

Some people are allergic to the dust, dirt and grime that makes up particulate matter, causing damage to hair resulting in breakage and hair loss. Hair loss affects roughly more than 70% of the population and only increases in places where pollution is more prevalent.

The good news about all this bad news for your luscious locks? There are some simple preventative measures that you’re probably already doing that can help keep your hair healthy and protected from the dangers of air pollution.

Protecting your hair from air pollution

Wear a hat

As if you needed another excuse to wear a hat on your next outing! Hats are not just for fashion, they actually can serve a purpose too. Covering your hair and scalp is a good way to protect it from any airborne particles that could be toxic and harmful. It’s also helpful in shading your eyes and face from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


Staying hydrated is good for your hair, your skin and pretty much every aspect of your health. Pollution and other environmental factors dry out your hair and scalp, but thankfully there are plenty of moisturizing regiments to counteract this. Look for hydrating masks that moisturize and strengthen hair’s natural hydro-lipid layer, which coats the hair to help keep it hydrated.

Deep condition

Start a deep conditioning routine weekly. Deep conditioners are used to repair damaged hair, penetrating deep into the hair hydrating and repairing it. Over-styling with color and heat in addition to the effects of pollution and the environment do a number on your hair and a deep conditioner is a sure-fire way to help keep it healthy.

Adjust your styling routine

Hair that has been exposed to excessive amounts of air pollution becomes damaged, feeling brittle and making breakage and split ends more likely. Keep this in mind when using heat from a straighter, curling iron or hair dryer. Minimize the amount of heat you use and always use a heat protecting product. Be careful when brushing and styling as damaged hair is more susceptible to fall out

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