Advantages and Disadvantages Of I-Tip Hair Extensions


Many people find hard to choose which extensions to use, sometimes they even get lost in all information available. Each type of hair extensions has different features and caters to different needs. For example, some are suitable for thin hair, some are great for thick hair. That’s why it is not a good idea to simply buy the first hair extensions without knowing anything about it. Today, we will help you to make the decision easier by breaking down all the advantages and disadvantages of I-tip hair extensions.

I Tip Hair Extensions

Now, let’s go to the positive points first.

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1. Pros Of I-tip Hair Extensions

  • You Can Attach I-Tip Hair Extensions At Home

This is a big advantage of using I-tip hair extensions because it helps you save your money and time. If you have a few tools and knowledge about the installation process, you can attach them at home.

  • Quick And Easy Removal

If the installation process is easy, it’s simpler to detach the I-tip hair extensions in a few minutes. All you need to do is to locate the first bead and use pliers to press on it. The bead will be opened up and the I-tip hair extension will simply slide down.

Quick And Easy Removal

  • They Are Great For Thin Strands

Because Remy I-tip hair extensions are light and don’t put any pressure on your natural hair, they are the perfect option for anyone with thin strands. Many application methods are not suitable for thin hair and could damage it. That’s why a lot of girls stay completely away from hair extensions. However, it’s not necessary because I-tip hair extensions won’t harm thin hair and increase overall densities.

  • It Can Be Used To Create Highlights and Add Colors.

You can combine different colors to make cool highlights because stick extensions come as individual strands. This makes the extensions become very fun and creative. With I-tip hair extensions, you can create any unique hairstyles you want and show your personality. I-tip hair extensions are made to match our natural hair to extensions perfectly because all of us have different hair types and hair textures. There are some common textures such as straight, curly, wavy and many others. Even, when you are bored with your current texture, you can change it easily.

It Can Be Used To Create Highlights And Add Colors.

  • Natural Hair Movement

The hair will lack natural movement when extensions consist of large wefts, so it can be more apparent that the strands are not real. Because I-tip hair extensions are a strand by the method of stranding, the movement flows smoother and everything looks perfect.

2. Cons Of I-Tip Hair Extensions

Besides the advantages, I-tip Hair Extensions also have some disadvantages that you should notice.

  • You Need Tools For Installation

What may seem to be a drawback is the fact that special tools are needed to apply these extensions. However, they are inexpensive and can be bought in many hair salons and shops. You also need to learn how to use these tools, otherwise, the ends of the extension may get damaged.

You Need Tools For Installation

  • I-tip Hair Extensions Need To Be Regular Reinstalled

If you don’t regularly reapply the I-tip hair extensions, they will become noticeable and can get damaged. When the hair grows, like other semi-permanent extensions, the tips are moved further down. That’s why they need to be refitted to them every month or two. It might sound like a drag but it’s a quick process that can be done at home. Simply press the beads with pliers that will open them and push the I-tip upwards. Holding some space at the roots is very necessary. Now, it’s time to press to remove the bead again.

  • Brushing And Washing Are More Complicated

Brushing and washing might become a bit more complicated when you need to stick I-tip hair extensions. You need to be more careful and take some extra time to maintain. Getting away from the beads and beginning from the ends is essential when brushing. Brush around the hair gently and stop tugging or scratching. These are just some of the items to be changed when wearing extensions for Remy I-tip. Although the changes are not dramatic, you need to be prepared for some new habits.

Brushing And Washing Are More Complicated

We have shown you some advantages and disadvantages of I-tip hair extensions. Hopefully, you can consider before buying your extensions. As the information above, the pros of these hair extensions seem to outweigh a few of the negatives. If you want to buy any type of hair extensions with high quality, let’s visit BEEQUEENHAIRSTORE. This is one of the top hair extension suppliers around the world that must satisfy you.

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