Everyone knows that hair plays an important role in boosting women’s beauty. Therefore, it is easy to understand when women always take care to have perfect hair. To impress other people with the hair, many of them decide to apply hair extensions which are considered as solution for almost hair problems. One of the most popular brands chosen by many women all over the world is Vietnamese hair extensions. It is said that Vietnamese hair always supplies high-quality products. However, no matter how good products are, you have to take care of them well to keep it in a long time. To maintain not only Vietnamese hair but also your own one perfectly, applying fruit hair masks is a favorite way of many women. If you are curious about this kind of masks, we will suggest some formulas in this post.

Avocado mask

Avocado is the popular fruit in many beauty remedies. It is good for not only your skin but also your hair. It is said that avocado is rich in vitamin E and vitamin B, which helps your hair look shiny. To make an avocado mask, you need two ingredients: avocado and olive oil. You smash avocado and mix it with some olive oil. Then, apply this mixture over your hair and leave it during about 30 minutes to get the best results.

Banana mask

Banana is very popular in Vietnam and you also can use it to take care of your hair. Because banana is rich in vitamins and oil, it is very useful in making hair masks. Applying this banana mask, your hair will be smooth and silky. You can make your mask by following very simple formula: cut banana into pieces and mix them well into mixture, then you add some drops of almond oil. It is done. A banana mask is made simply. After that, you apply this solution over your hair during about 20 minutes. Your hair will look good after a few times of using this mask.

Strawberry mask

Strawberry is not only a delicious fruit but also an effective ingredient to make hair mask. It is believe that strawberry contributes to control dandruff and bring to your hair a shiny and silky look. To have a strawberry hair mask, you need some ingredients: strawberries, olive oil and egg yolk. What you have to do is taking a cup of strawberries mixer, then adding one egg yolk and two spoons of olive oil. Mix them well and apply this solution over your hair. You can cover your hair with a plastic cap. After 20 minutes, you wash your hair with water and shampoo and you will have beautiful hair.

Above are some fruit masks you can apply to take care of your hair. In addition, you also can make hair masks by many different fruits such as papaya, orange, etc. These fruits are good in hair maintenance. Therefore, consider these formula and apply fruit masks to have smooth and shiny hair.


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