Glamorous Natalie Dormer with no makeup


Girl, You don’t need to wear makeup every day. This is a trend on social media currently and many celebrities are excited to join it. Natalie Dormer is one of the typical stars who is confident to show her bare face in public. Natalie Dormer born in 1982 is an English actress. She is best well-known for her roles as Cressida in The Hunger Game and Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones film series. She is famous not only for her talent but also for her natural beauty. Are you curious about the face of Natalie Dormer without makeup?

Natalie Dormer is a beautiful actress and her natural beauty is a outstanding mark. She has a beautiful face and gorgeous beauty that you hardly take your eyes off. If you meet Natalie Dormer by chance on the street, you will be amazed by her flawless complexion. She confidently walks down the street without makeup and enjoys her free time behind the sceens. Natalie Dormer with no makeup is definitely incredible.

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1. Running and Fitness

Natalie Dormer lives in Britain where physical exercises especially yoga are taught every day at school. Therefore she always love running and this is her way to discover a city. In this picture, Natalie Dormer wear a black windbreaker, sport leggings and simple hairstyle. She runs on the street with full of energy and she still looks beautiful even though she removes all makeup off her face. It can’t be denied that naturally beautiful face of Natalie Dormer is really admirable.

2. Marathon Race

Do you fall in love with just an adorable smile? In this picture, we can see the image of Natalie Dormer running with charming smile and incredible natural look. Game of Thrones star joins London Marathon and she tries her best to complete her race. She is running on behalf of children’s charity Barnaedo’s. Holding her medal, Natalie Dormer looks good without makeup. Wearing black leggings and long-sleeved top, she looks comfortable and proud of her medal.

3. Smooth White Skin

The natural beauty of Natalie Dormer is emphasized in another picture at London Marathon. She stands under the sunlight and avoids the sun by wearing a khaki cap. Even without makeup, her natural flawless beauty is able to attract people’s attention. Her smooth skin looks bright under the sun. It seems that she is truly happy and definitely confident of her natural complexion. Perhaps Natalie Dormer often spends time on skincare and tries hard to reduce the amount of makeup on her face. Therefore Natalie Dormer’s skin is healthy which help her look gorgeous.


4. Strolling Around The City

If you plan going outside at a weekend or hanging out with friends, no makeup style of Natalie Dormer is a good choice for you. At the time Natalie Dormer seems to enjoy her fantastic stroll though the London. The 37 year old actress goes outside with completely make-up free. She wears casual clothes such as a blue skirt, sunglasses and a gray cross bag but she looks glamorous in the summer day.

5. Street Style

How do you think about street style of celebrities? The British star Natalie Dormer holds a cup of coffee and appears on the train station with a bare-faced look. She wears casual clothes but looks cool in black sunglasses and beanie. With a gray hoodie and black jacket, Natalie Dormer without makeup still looks trendy and has ability to attract people’s attention. She seems to relax after busy days and helps her skin take a break by taking off all the makeup. It can be said that Natalie Dormer without makeup also looks incredible and no one can deny that.

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6. Comfortable Clothes

Natalie Dormer is always confident with her natural beauty. In winter at London, instead of choosing high fashion Natalie Dormer walks down the street with warmth, beanie hat and black scarf. She take her blonde hair down which enhances her natural beautiful face as well as warms up her skin. By being confident with natural beauty, Natalie Dormer shows up her flawless skin and her glamorous appearance.

Natalie Dormer is absolutely glamorous with no makeup in those pictures. Natalie Dormer is beautiful with and without makeup and she sends us message that women are beautiful even without makeup. If you have any ideas, share with Luxshinehair in the comments section below.


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