Music festival prep hair


Music festivals are a total blast and looking dope with crazy outfits and out-there hair is just part of the fun. Having a long gorgeous hair at the festival is the dream of all girls but not all know how to achieve that. So it is super important for you to know how to prepare and take care of your hair before these exciting occasions. Here are some useful tips that you might need to know.

  1. Prep your hair for the event

Chances are, you will probably not have a lot of time to wash your hair during the festival. So prepare for that is important. You can use some simple natural mask to hydrate your hair and keep it healthy, soft the entire day. If you don’t have any ready product to add moisture to your hair then slather on some coconut oil, leave it for about 20 minutes and rinse off with shampoo. This will leave your hair super silky and soft. In fact, go a step further and bring a jar of Coconut Oil with you to the festival to use as a body moisturizer! After your shower, it’s a great idea to also spray in a nice leave-in conditioner to keep that goodness locked in throughout the weekend.

  1. Bring a fresh set of Vietnam hair extensions

Before you even get to the music festival, we recommend to add Vietnam hair extensions to your packing list. Fun festival always goes with long gorgeous hair for sure. Whether you’re just wanting to add volume, or give your hair extra length, Vietnam  hair extensions are perfect for achieving that. These are comfortable, versatile, and super easy to clip in and hide, which is great when your dressing room is a tent and small mirror for the weekend.

  1. Curl your hair and hair extensions

The key to achieving great hairstyles throughout the weekend is a good base. We suggest you to curl your hair and hair extensions when you are packing. Be sure not to skip the heat protectant spray before curling, though! This is crucial to protect not only your hair, but your real hair extensions from heat. Your hair will be going through enough heat and dryness at the festival, so you want to make sure it’s nice and protected.

  1. Pack your shampoo

If it is a multi-day festival then don’t forget to bring a travel-size of your shampoo and conditioner. Your hair during the festival will endure a lot of dryness and breakage so it is important to hydrate and protect your hair. Besides, a bottle of dry shampoo is strongly recommended. This miracle product soaks up all the inevitable dirt and oils at the roots of your hair, while giving your hair a little bonus volume too!

  1. All the accessories

Truth to be told, the best part of any music festival hairstyle is the accessories. Whether it’s glitter, headbands, or a big flower crown, music festivals are the time to really take your style to a whole new level. They add the perfect amount of fun and whimsy with a little bohemian touch that everyone loves.



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