Most Flattering Hairstyles For Round Faces


The round face is often considered to be difficult to choose hairstyles, so some women feel inferior about this. No matter what you do with your hair, the main goal is to hide your cheeks. However, with these following recommended hairstyles for round faces, everything will be a piece of cake.

Now, let’s explore some beautiful hairstyles for round faces.

Round Face

1. Tips For Getting Stunning Hairstyles For Round Faces

  • When styling your hair, your main purpose should be to add length to your round face. High updos and bumps seems to be great ways to add height to your face.
  • Long layered hair helps pull the eye downwards and make your face look longer.
  • If you want to get a curly hairstyle, go for loose curls instead of tight curls. This is because tight curls will make your face rounder and wider.
  • You should avoid ponytail hairstyles which pull all your hair back and away from your face because it will only be accentuating its roundness.
  • While straight-cut bangs will make your round face look too small, edgy side-swept bangs can add some needed angles to your face to make it look thinner.
  • When going for short hairstyles for round faces, it’s necessary to add volume to the crown of your head because it will make your face look longer.

Now, let’s jump into the best hairstyles for women with round faces

2. Best Hairstyles For Round Faces

  • Shaggy Bob

Bob hairstyles are very popular among women, and with round faces, this asymmetrical bob can draw the eyes downwards. This hairstyle is styled with shaggy waves and a side parting, which works well to balance the round face structure.

Shaggy Bob

  • Fauxhawk

As we all know, the best hairstyle for round faces is one which can add height and has an elongating effect on your face. You can even change your current cute pixie haircut into a badass fauxhawk with a bit of hair gel and a comb.


  • Side Bun With Bangs

This hairstyle will make you look elegant with the center-parted bangs in the front which can hide the width of your round face and make your face look less round.

Side Bun With Bangs

  • Short Bob With Side Swept Bangs

The special thing about this hairstyle is that you can look sexy and cute at the same time. Of course, all hairstyles have their own features, but this straight short bob can add length to your face and the edgy side bangs will add angles to counteract its roundness. This must be listed on the best hairstyles for round faces.

Short Bob With Side Swept Bangs

  • Big Swoop Bangs

If you have short curly bob with your round face, it seems to be a no-no but you can rock the look by pairing it with big bangs which swoop down the face and streamline the top half of your face.

Big Swoop Bangs

  • Voluminous Waves

Here is a look that will transform you into a total bombshell. This wavy hairstyle with oodles of volume can hide most of your cheeks. Your hair will be parted at the center, then the dent of waves will fall at your cheekbones and alter the round silhouette of her face.

Voluminous Waves

  • Sleek Straight Long Hair

A long and sleek look is a perfect hairstyle for women with a round face. This hairstyle frames the face without adding more volume to hair. When a round face lacks length, it’s ideal to wear long hair in a sleek and straight manner. This long hairstyle will trick the eye by creating an illusion of length and definition.

Sleek Straight Long Hair

  • Long Hair With Layers

This is a glamorous hairstyle, but you need to keep in mind that whether you have straight or curly hair, the layers shouldn’t end exactly at the chin. This is because it will draw attention to the roundness of your face instead of giving it an elongated effect. Long layers not only give your face the look of an oval shape but also help in creating an illusion of less width.

Long Hair With Layers

  • Close-Cropped Hairstyle

Some people may think that this close-cropped style doesn’t suit women with a round face. However, in fact, the long bangs of this will help create an illusion of length by reducing the apparent overall width of the face and make it look slimmer.

Close Cropped Hairstyle

What do you think about these hairstyles, let’s share with us which one you like best. If you have any idea about other hairstyles, please comment. Visit our page or follow for getting information about other hairstyles. Thanks so much!



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