It is the dream of every woman to make their natural hair grow longer and healthier. In particular, the reason most people use hair extensions and weaving is not just because of its beauty but it also protects your natural hair. It allows you to try different styles, colors and lengths but do you have to do that at the expense of your natural hair? Many people forget their natural hair while they wear weave. This causes damage to your natural hair and slows down hair growth. In reality, hair growth is a process based on three essential factors. We will share with you some common factors that affect hair length and some tips to take care of your hair.

Hair Growth

1. The Common Factors That Affect Hair Growth?

  • Diet

Our hair is a protein fabric our body sews on every day. Naturally, the right material will be needed to make the building blocks of our hair which we can achieve only through a good nutritious diet. Vitamins can trigger the hair cycle. Vitamins such as vitamin A can halt hair growth in the case of an overdose.

However, the safest approach is to get your vitamins from food. If that is not possible, you can use multivitamin pills. Besides, you should run to blood tests to evaluate the content of vitamins in your blood.


  • Genetics

Genetics is the most influential factor that affects hair growth. The length of anagen and telogen stages, color and texture along the sensitivity to androgen are all written in the genetic information. The sensitivity to androgen in follicular units results in hair loss that starts at the hairline and retreats to the crown. Fortunately, one of the features of androgenic alopecia is its distinct hair loss pattern, where the back of the head is often resistant to hair loss.


  • Mental Health

It is not fully understood the mechanism by which emotional distress affects hair growth. Nonetheless, certain hormones released during periods of severe stress that causes a cascade of cellular activity that ends with shorter anagen phases are thought to be the result. Eliminating stress including events is important and searching for a healthy lifestyle for you and your hair.

Mental Health

2. How To Grow Hair Under The Weave?

  • Braid Your Hair But Not Too Tight

There is nothing important than this point. In fact, it’s a deal-breaker for you. You can see that the weave-style foundation is all you need to know. Whether or not your hair grows healthy depends mostly on the kinds of braids that you have. Do not make the braids too tight or be too loose. If you braid them too tightly, headaches will not be avoided.

Sometimes you’ll find that while wearing the weave, you can barely laugh because it’s all too painful. If this is a case, the weave must be removed. The reason you tightly braid them maybe because you don’t want the hair to fall off but don’t overdo it.

  • Take Care Of Your Scalp

One thing you shouldn’t forget when you want your hair to grow is to take care of your own scalp and the hair that’s beneath your hair extension. You should remember that cleaning the hair beneath your weave will not be easy or fun. Besides, keep your hair clean at least twice a month regardless. Use an applicator bottle to ensure that the scalp and braids within the hair are hit by shampoos. For this process, make sure that they’re sulfate-free shampoo. Once you have been washing your hair and condition it, you should apply the amount of natural oil for promoting hair growth. If you are going to use the right oils, hair growth is inevitable.

  • Massage Scalp

The other trick is to massage the scalp as often as possible. This is ideal if you’ve got the itchy scalp. You can have your scalp massaged at least 2-3 times a week.

3. How To Grow Hair While Wearing A Sew In?

You’ll have your hair reduce itch when you moisturize it. What’s more? You are getting rid of the dandruff possibilities. One thing that’s possible is forgetting you’ve got your hair underneath the weave. You will take good care of your scalp in moisturizing thus enhancing hair length.

  • Clean The Hair

The best way to clean your hair is that you wash your hair with co-wash. In this case, wash the hair but not shampoo with a particular conditioner. Your hair will be safe from the sulfate and other toxic elements when you avoid the shampoo.

Clean The Hair

  • The essential oils

Moisture from natural oils such as jojoba and tea tree oils can also be obtained. You can place the oil directly on the scalp if you like. Then you should massage your scalp so the oil reaches the hair follicles

The Essential Oils

  • When sleeping

When you go to sleep, remember to use the silk scarf. This helps to lock in the moisture.

When Sleeping

In conclusion, hair growth is a matter of a balanced diet, peace of mind and genetics. We hope that you got some tips to help your hair grow faster. Follow our website if you want to have your own hair extension with length, style and color in your requirements. Thanks for reading.


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