If you are looking for the best way to handle thin hair problem, let’s use hair extensions to add more hair volume. In this article, we will tell you about middle part sew in– a type of hair extensions. What do you know about it?

Middle Part Sew In

What Is The Middle Part Sew In?

Many people wonder that what the middle part sew in is. However, for those who want to cover bleached ends or baby hairs, it’s a piece of hair that can be considered as a lace closure. Many girls would like to use this sew in to balance the volume.

Pros and Cons of Middle Part Sew In Hair

  • Pros: + When you decide to buy the middle part sew in hair, don’t worry about whether it’s damaged or not. If you apply it, there will be little or even no damage to your natural hair. You can also make different hairstyles including ponytails or take part in activities such as swimming or running.

+ It doesn’t take you a lot of time and effort to apply to your natural hair.

  • Cons: + You should brush your hair every day to prevent your hair from being messy. Remember to brush your hair gently.

           + Sometimes a hair weave can be painful to put in your hair because the hairstylist must braid the hair tightly along the scalp in order to place the weave. This braiding can be painful, especially if you are sensitive,

How To Apply A Middle Part Sew In?

You are afraid that if you do the wrong steps, you will cause unexpected damage to your real hair. In fact, there is nothing to worry about because it’s not difficult to install. Below are a few simple steps you should follow in order to sew in a perfect middle part.

  1. At first, braid your hair straight back with two braids on the side and left without no hair in the middle for the middle part. In the back, you braid it up and sew it to your scalp
  2. Place a mesh cap on the top of the hair and trim it. Remember to cut it carefully along your hairline in order to prevent damaging.
  3. Apply stitching on the sides of the hair extensions. Gradually sew them into your real braided hair until you reach the middle.
  4. Last but not least, use a few good hair styling creams and products.

How To Apply Middle Part Sew In

Some Stunning Middle Part Sew In Hairstyles

1. Curly Sew-Ins

Anyone who loves curly hair is going to wear it in various styles and methods. The central part is always going to help form the weave. The girl in this picture has long curls. Not only does it look amazing but it also flows with ease thanks to the side parting. Remember to use closure to make your hair look natural.

Curly Middle Part Sew In

2. Straight Sew Ins

If you don’t want to spend much time on styling your hair but still want a simple, sleek hairstyle, this is your chance to wear it. You can achieve this style by using the sew in style or even quick weave. In totality, you have a high-quality style when you match the length and the sleekness of the hair. This is another basic style not going out of the market.

Straight Middle Part Sew In

3. Wavy Middle Part Sew In

You don’t always notice people on their bob with the center part style. However, if you find one with the right shape of the head, the style is rocking. With the perfect definition of character, this lady looks elegant in style.

Wavy Middle Part Sew In

4. Middle Part Bob Sew In

You love simplicity and you’re quite lazy to put too much care into your hair. Try the short bob middle part sew in hair, which effectively helps you to save time. It is particularly suitable for women between the ages of 30 and 40. However, it doesn’t mean that the younger can’t use this one.

Middle Part Bob Sew In

We have shown you all things about middle part sew in styles. Hope that we provided you enough information that you want to know. What are your favorite middle part sew in hairstyles? Although there are different styles, all of them have the same way to install. Follow our website if you want to have high quality sew in hair.



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