Nowadays, this trend is very popular because it gives you an impressive look. One of the greatest things is its ability to change different styles every single day. By using sew in weaves, your hair will be added volume, color and length as you want. There are various types of sewing in such as middle part sew in, side part sew in and free part sew in, etc. However, the middle part sew in weaves seem to be the most popular type with different textures like straight middle part sew in, curly middle part sew in and wavy middle part sew in. In this article, we will introduce to you some hairstyles of each texture.

Middle Part Sew In Hairstyles


1. Straight Middle Part Sew In

  • Burgundy Straight Hairstyle

Many women love long straight hair and me too. We mostly like this style because we can enjoy a different texture than curls. This style is very simple and also traditional. With this style, we don’t have to spend much time on styling.

Burgundy Straight Hairstyle

  • Straight Blonde Ombre Style

This long weave makes your favorite style achievable. You can draw attention to your hair or highlight your high cheekbones by this way. Straight long middle part sew in will help you feel more feminine and beautiful. Coming with this style, you can add the spice to the hair that is already beautiful. This silky hair looks similar to your hair.

Straight Blonde Ombre Style

  • Full Sew Ins with Middle Part

This new hair needs less moisture than natural hair. Besides, it is perfect as a protective hairstyle.

Full Sew Ins With Middle Part

2. Curly Middle Part Sew In

  • Deep Curly Sew In Style

These tight curls will make the sew in hairstyle full of your head. Medium length is great for this style and your hair will have an opportunity to add length to your hair. To maintain this style, remember to spray your hair with a conditioner to make it shiny.

Deep Curly Sew In Style

  • Big Curls

If you are looking for a natural look, the big curls are a perfect style that you can’t ignore. This curly middle part sew in adds a massive volume to your hair. It’s soft, full and beautiful and looks like the hair of Latina women.

Big Curls

  • Long Curly Weave

You’ll grow a feminine look as long as the middle parting fits your face. To maximize the style feature you should go for imperfect broad curls. You can use your fingers to style it to keep the curls in place.

Long Curly Weave

3. Wavy Middle Part Sew In

  • Middle Parting Deep Wavy

At times, a simple wavy middle parting will give you a different look. This features a long hair even for a better look. The hair will look more natural and this makes it a fascinating look to try.

Middle Parting Deep Wavy

  • Middle Part Body Wave Sew In

Besides other styles, the sew in can give you various middle parting styles.  This long wavy is one of the stunning styles that you should try. It fits your face better because it is wavy at the ends. The closure sew in is a special thing to make your hair look more authentic.

Middle Part Body Wave Sew In

  • Deep Wavy Sew In Hairstyles

Deep wave can be rocked on both long hair and short hair, so don’t hesitate to take your desired length. With this style, you can even go for a waist length.

Deep Wavy Sew In Hairstyles

We hope that the clear division of middle part sew in hairstyle will help you choose your favorite hairstyle easier. Don’t worry about your round or long face, short or long hair, there will be a hairstyle that is suitable for you. Follow our website beequeenhair.com if you want to know more hairstyles. Thanks for reading!


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