Lace Frontals and Lace Closures- Which Is The Best To Opt For?


Are you confused when choosing lace frontals and lace closures for your sew ins or wigs? If you want to make this easier, the best way is to know the difference existing between them. From that, you know what you are looking for and choose the most suitable one. So, what’s the difference between these extensions? Let’s get the answer in this article.

What’s Lace Frontal?

Lace frontal is a half wig that goes from ear to ear. People usually sew the frontal with approximately 3 bundles of hair, some like sewing it with 4 bundles. With frontals, you can get different styles for refreshing your appearance. The frontal can be held back whereas the closure cannot do that.

A lace frontal must be a great choice for you if you want to recreate the entire hairline from ear to ear. Especially, it is also popular among women with traction alopecia or thinning edges. If you are new to lace frontals, read our guide on how to install a lace frontal.

What’s Lace Frontal

Why Choose Lace Frontals?

Firstly, it is more comfortable to apply and wear ear to ear lace frontals. Women almost wear it when they want to try a completely different color or texture from their natural hair. Some use it to protect their edges and hair that they normally sew in hair with leave out.

Secondly, a lace frontal has its unmatched versatility in styling. Wearing a lace frontal can allow you to achieve different styling options like pulled back hairstyles that a closure cannot.

a lace frontal has its unmatched versatility in styling

A lace frontal covers the entire hairline and allows you to create a gorgeous look that you can pull back off your face.

Thirdly, lace frontals require fewer hair bundles for the sew-in process compared to lace closures. The lace frontal seems to be more expensive than a closure, but, you can buy fewer hair bundles to match. This helps you save time for your sew-ins.

Virgin Hair Bundles With Closure And Frontal: How Many Bundles Do You Need For A Full Head?

Finally, frontals have a large ear to ear coverage area designed to mimic your own hairline, so you can use it to disguise the loss of hair along the hairline.

What’s Lace Closure?

Unlike a lace frontal, a lace closure doesn’t cover your head from temple to temple. It is installed in the “horseshoe” area of the head to close the style, so it is named closure. There are two types of closures: silk base closures and lace base closures to meet different customers’ demands. A key to a great closure is that it has bleached knots around the perimeter and you dye the lace to two shades lighter than the complexion of your face.

What’s Lace Closure

Why Choose Lace Closures?

Versatile Part

The flexibility and versatility of closures make them applicable for all hair types whether it is natural, scanty or permed hair. With closures, you have more options for styling your hair because you can choose one among free part, middle part and three part closure.

Various Colors

You can achieve your desired hair color with extensions without having to color your real hair to match. With various color options, you no longer have to worry about damaging your real hair strands.

Protective Style

Lace closure is usually installed by sewn in to cover the top area where the weaving hair is sewn in. It also provides wearers a natural hairline and scalp area with no leave out with proper installation.

What’s The Difference Between Lace Frontals and Lace Closures?


While frontals are 13*4 inches, lace closures are typically 4*4 inches. This shows that lace frontals are bigger because they go from temple to temple to cover the entire hairline. Lace closures are smaller because they typically only cover a horseshoe size part at the top or front of an install.



Before buying anything, you have to know what kind of material you will use and verify there is no allergies to it. Typically, both lace frontals and lace closures are made from either lace or silk which are breathable and moveable. Nevertheless, some frontals are even made with both silks in the middle of 4*4 sections and lace on another side.


While silk base closures tend to mimic a more natural scalp when viewed up close, lace base closures and frontals are favored because the material is much flatter against and blends better with the scalp. This allows users to achieve not only a natural but also accurate replica of their real scalp.


While wearing a lace frontal can allow you to achieve a styling option like pulled back hairstyles, a closure is impossible to pull back the sides without exposing tracks because it only covers a small area of the front.


Both lace frontals and lace closures can be sewn in or constructed into a wig. You can sew them down around the edges or wear as a removable wig with a band and lay the hair down with some hair gel.

A frontal wig provides wearers the most styling versatility but closures can remain the most appropriate option for simple everyday looks. It is a great option for those who want to maintain an exact style.

Another difference of installation between these two types is that while lace frontals are meant to be bonded in place, lace closures are sewn into place.


Their ability to coverage is not similar, so the cost is not same. So, lace closures and lace frontals, which is cheaper? Actually, lace frontals are more expensive than lace closures because they can cover a larger area of the hairline. If you complain the lace frontal is expensive, let’s see its advantages and the potential savings.

Lace Frontals and Lace Closures, Which Is Better?

The decision of choosing lace frontals and lace closures is all up to you. It depends on your demands and on the look you want to achieve. For some people, a lace closure with virgin hair bundles maybe a good choice because it is cheap and suits all hair types. Besides, you can part it freely, in the side or middle parting. However, lace frontals suits women who want to maintain the same hairstyle. This will be the best option if you want to get greater flexibility to change and adapt the parting as you like.

Lace Frontals and Lace Closures

After reading this article, please share with us which one is your preferred option. Whether you choose lace frontals or lace closures, we are sure that you will get a glamorous look. Now, if you want to dig more information about these extensions, follow our website or contact for getting high-quality hair extensions. They must provide you the best products.

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