Lace Frontal Wigs and Full Lace Wigs, Which Is Better?


Along with the development of the society, beauty industry is also more and more developed. More people use hair extensions as a habit to make them look more attractive. Wigs are considered to be the popular choice these days. However, most people are confused on choosing the better type between lace frontal wigs and full lace wigs. That’s reason why today we will show you some important information about lace frontal wigs and full lace wigs.

What Is A Full Lace Wig?

Full lace human hair wigs are the wigs with the entire lace base. It means that it is constructed from a lace cap that cover the whole head. The 100% virgin remy human hair is knotted into the lace holes by hand. On the standard remy lace wigs, there is a stretch lace over the top of the crown allowing for movement such as hair growth underneath the wig and differences in the size of the head. You can part the wigs anywhere you want like pulled up into high ponytails or other updos.

What Is A Full Lace Wig

The Pros and Cons of Full Lace Wigs

Pros of Full Lace Wigs

  • More Versatile Hairstyles

Full lace wigs can be parted anywhere and styled in different ways such as high updos, middle part hairstyles, deep side part hairstyles, buns or high ponytail, etc.


  • More Breathable

Although you are wearing a whole lace cap, full hand-made human hair wig with full lace make it light. So, you don’t need to worry that there is a log on your head. The whole lace makes your scalp breathable, so your natural hair can grow easier.

  • More Natural

The full lace wigs are laced with the entire head, so it looks more natural than lace frontal wigs.

Cons of Full Lace Wigs

Everything comes at a cost, a full lace wig tends to be more expensive than other types.

What Is A Lace Frontal Wig?

A lace frontal wig is a wig with a small lace along the hairline attached to the front of the wig. Just like the full lace wig, human hair strands are also sewn into the lace holes by hand to create a natural look. However, the lace of lace frontal wigs just covers a small area of your head.

What Is A Lace Frontal Wig

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lace Frontal Human Hair Wigs

Advantages of Lace Frontal Wigs

  • Cheap and Affordable Price

Lace frontal wigs are not as expensive as the full lace wigs so that it is a great option for customers with a small budget.

  • Natural Look

Many women like using the lace frontal wig because it can give them a perfect look with the hairline at the front. What’s more? Some wigs come with pre-plucked baby hair making it look like your natural hair.

Disadvantages of Lace Frontal Wigs

  • Less Flexible

A lace frontal wig cannot be parted anywhere like the full lace wig, so it is not convenient if you like a twist out.

Full Lace Wigs and Lace Frontal Wig, What Is The Difference?

  • Material Used For The Base

This is the first point you cannot ignore when talking about the difference between these two types. A lace frontal wig has a sheer lace base at the front of the wig. While the lace of some lace front wigs can cover the front half of the wig, the lace of others is only used for a couple of inches. The rest of the base is made of a thicker material but still make wearers feel comfortable.

In contrast, a full lace wig has a base that is made entirely of lace. This lace can cover the whole head even all the way to the back.

  • Styles

Lace frontal wigs look no different from your natural hair because the lace is almost invisible. The hair may be separated in the middle or on the sides. You can apply the wig to your head by adding an adhesive along your hairline above your head. Lace Frontal Wigs Style

Unlike the frontal wig, the full lace wigs are more versatile because you can style them in many ways such as updos, braids and many others.

Full Lace Wigs Style

  • Durability

Both lace frontal wigs and full lace wigs are famous for their durability. With proper care, a lace front wig can last upward of six months to a year. Of course, a full lace wig can be used for longer. However, it is still recommended to buy the proper and high-quality wig and take care of it carefully.

  • Natural Look

Unlike the lace front wig, a full lace wig has a full base that can cover the entire head. On the contrary, a lace frontal wig is only attached at the front of your head because it is just a small piece.

Before installing a full lace wig, it is recommended to wear a wig cap to help it cover your entire head.

  • Price

Thanks to the full base, the full lace wigs seem to be a bit more versatile than a frontal wig because they can be worn in many different hairstyles. That’s also the reason why it is at a higher price comparing to the frontal wig.

Lace Frontal Wigs and Full Lace Wigs, Which Is Better?

I’m sure that some people may wonder how to choose lace frontal wigs and full lace wigs, some want to know about the better type between lace frontal wigs and full lace wigs. Here is the answer for you.

In fact, there is no clear and accurate conclusion to answer the question of which is better between a lace frontal wig and a full lace wig because different people have different demands. However, you can consider some factors below when choosing your wig.

  • Are you in an active lifestyle? If yes, it is best to buy a full lace wig because it will give you better breathability and durability.
  • If you feel monotonous with the same hairstyles but don’t care about money, the full lace wigs will be an ideal choice to help you experience different hairstyles.
  • Are you worried about the high price of the wig? Don’t worry anymore. We recommend you to purchase a lace front wig. Why? As mentioned, it is cheaper than the full lace wig but still has high quality. Hence, when using it, you can still get a natural look without worrying about any problem.
  • If you are new to wig and you worry about complicated installation, we think that the frontal wig will be a good fit for you.

After reading this article, you may have a deeper knowledge about full lace wigs and lace frontal wigs. So, now please share with us which one you will choose. If you have any question about wigs, contact Luxshinehair, they will help you enthusiastically.

Thanks so much for reading!


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