Keratin Hair Extensions: The Shocking Hair Extensions You May Love


The keratin hair extension method is one of the oldest techniques in the world of hair extensions. It is loved by women all over the world for its natural appearance, long-lasting durability and simple removal process. So, what are they? We will explain about them right now.

What Do You Know About Keratin Hair Extensions?

These extensions consist of tiny strands of unprocessed human hair. Unlike other types of hair extensions like weave hair or tape in hair extensions, keratin hair contains a keratin bond. While wefts of the tape-in method make the application easier, individual strands of keratin hair can blend well with your natural hair to create the most realistic look.

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What Do You Know About Keratin Extensions

On the hair market, there are 4 main types of keratin hair which are flat tip, U-tip, V-tip hair and I-tip hair extensions.

4 types of keratin hair extensions

How Many Packs Do You Need For A Full Head?

To be honest, the number of the extensions depends on your goals for your hair. Each strand of keratin hair has a small tip that holds all the individual hair strands together. Each strand is about one gram of hair, so to get a full head of keratin hair, you need to use about five to nine packs of hair extensions. It means that you have to apply about 100 to 180 keratin hair strands for a full head installation.

How Do Keratin Hair Extensions Last?

The lifespan of keratin hair extensions depends on the brand you purchase. Different brands will give you hair extensions with different sizes and levels of quality. For example, if you buy virgin keratin hair extensions, you will get a glamorous look in the blink of an eye. But, it’s unfortunate if you get synthetic hair extensions. You cannot deny that virgin hair will give you a more natural, long-lasting look than the synthetic one. Keep in mind that good keratin hair extensions can last for three to six months.

When wearing these extensions, your hair will grow as it normally does. This causes the bond and extensions to move far away from your scalp. Therefore, it’s essential to make appointments with your stylist every few weeks to remove the bonds and re-apply them closer to the scalp.

Application Process

As mentioned in the first part of the article, there are different types of keratin hair. Therefore, the application method depends on the type you choose. But, no matter what type you choose, they are generally attached one by one and stuck with the keratin melting a few millimeters from the roots of your hair. Here are two simple steps for you.

Step 1: Separate your hair into different rows. Then, use a comb’s tail to take a few strands of hair and insert them into the template circle to secure the scalp. Now, it’s time to use a keratin hot iron to heat up the pre-tipped extensions to natural hair.

Step 2: If the keratin is not visible, use your fingers to roll it so that the extension and your natural hair is uniform.

Application Process

Removal Process

It is quite easy to remove keratin extensions from your hair with the right product. A keratin bond remover is recommended to use because it helps break down the adhesive from your hair. After being applied for a few seconds, use the hair extension tool to break the keratin bond.

Removal Process

We recommend you have a professional stylist do it for you because if you do it by yourself, your hair is prone to be damaged.

Caring For Keratin Hair Extensions

Although extensions of keratin bonds can last for a long time, you need to give them the proper care. Below are just some tips for caring for your extensions, please comment if you have more interesting tips. You need to avoid using products that contain sulfates because they can damage the bonds. It’s best to use gentle shampoos and mild conditioners. Besides, after applying the extensions, wait for two days to wash your hair instead of washing immediately. Moreover, air dry your hair if possible and avoid heat. If you need to straighten or curl, use a heat protectant before using heat tools.

Caring For Keratin Hair Extensions

In a nutshell, keratin bonded extensions are a wonderful method that makes your hair look fuller and thicker. Follow our website to get more information about other types of extensions.

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