Katy Perry and her daily moments without make up


Perhaps, we are too familiar with a rebellious Katy Perry who always appears with the sexy and charming appearance with outstanding and sophisticated makeup styles. However, if you are a loyal fan of the “Roar” hit maker, you will see that Katy Perry often keeps her bare face when not being in the crowd. She has a quite harmonious and natural appearance without heavy makeup layers. Today, let’s with Luxshinehair explore a completely different extent of a no makeup Katy Perry!

katy perry without makeup

1. Natural beauty

Katy Perry is one of the clearest illustrations of the difference of styles between makeup and no makeup. If you see that this famous singer looks very fractious and active, you will have a totally opposite thought when seeing her face without cosmetics.

From the time she was an 18 year- old girl, Katy Perry’s face was highly appreciated because it looked so pure and lovely. This girl sounded very like short hairstyles, especially natural black bob hair with fringe. Do you see? Without thick and unnatural layers of makeup, Katy still looks like an angel with the mild white skin and impressive deep eyes.

katy perry natural beauty

2. Caught by surprise

The picture taken when you are still not ready is always real and remarkable the most. This thing is also not out of the exception with Katy Perry. She looks so childlike with round eyes, surprising smile and cute emotion, right?

Of course, Katy without makeup looks a bit shabby. However, the harmonious face, beautiful skin and neat hair bun hide her shortcoming perfectly.

katy perry caught by surprise

3. Recording in a studio

In the studio without paparazzi and anti- fans, Katy Perry can freely do anything she like, including keeping her bare face. It can be seen that Katy looks absolutely bright and happy. Maybe not only because she can display her own voice but also she can be herself with the purest and most natural image.

Talking about the hairstyle, she can keep any kind she wants without caring other assessments. It is not important it is long hair or short hair, dry or wet hair, with or without bangs, Katy Perry still looks very wonderful.

katy perry studio recording

4. A soft Katy

Remembering the moment when she was in a shopping party in L.A, you can see an attractive strange image of the common active Katy. In this picture, Katy Perry looks so soft and gentle with black loose wavy front pulled back hair.

With the perfect ratio of the face accompanied by an attractive smile and sparkling eyes, Katy Perry looks so beautiful even with no makeup.

soft Katy

5. Private style

In cold winter days, walking down the street with a warm scarf, a pair of eyeglasses and a dark color big beanie is a perfect idea to avoid paparazzi’s hunt. However, she is still careless to be taken in the state without makeup.

Anyways, nothing can defeat Katy Perry’s appearance even when she does not make up. She looks very okay and comfortable with her white skin, round eyes and common black straight hair. If being a fan of Katy Perry, you will feel proud of her, right?

katy perry private style

6. Youthful beauty

Katy very loves children and obviously she always looks the most radiant when being next to them. Even when she keep a pixie hairstyle with front pulled back style and short hair waves, Katy still looks very lovely without having any makeup layers. Do you see any differences between her face and the baby’s face? This is such an amazing comparison, right?

katy perry Youthful beauty

7. Camping style

Although Katy Perry is a global celebrity, she is still a common women like other ones. When going camping or somewhere with her familiar friends, there is no need to make up.

Katy looks extremely bright and happy with her natural face and her short curly hair with a headband. All things is enough to have the most comfortable excursion. Only by a shiny smile, all worries about the real appearance will disappear.

katy perry camping style

8. Funny face

All of us know that Katy Perry is one of the funniest celebrities in the US industry of music. Any person who is next to her will always feel positive and full of energy thanks to her funny jokes.

Katy also like playing on cameras with hilarious faces even when she has no makeup. That makes her feel happy and decrease stresses in her life. The most typical example is exactly this picture. Katy Perry looks so humorous and entertaining with the unique emotion, especially the outstanding short hairstyle with mint blue color.

katy perry funny face

9. Swimming style

How do you think of Katy Perry with a sullen face without makeup? Of course, that thing is inevitable. Like other people, Katy also have times feeling tired or angry about something. Swimming is one of the best ways to help her feel more relax.

Obviously, no one wants to have tons of cosmetics on face when going swimming on hot summer days, right? Katy does too. She doesn’t need to have dark makeup layers to look gorgeous in front the beach. In this picture, she looks uncomfortable a little but it sounds very okay with her face even when without makeup, right? Don’t forget to have an appropriate short hair in summer to always feel the most relaxing.

Swimming style

Do these images of Katy Perry with no makeup bring positive feelings? We make sure that you will say “Yes”. Sometimes, you look the most beautiful when you are yourself. Therefore, instead of having makeup frequently, let’s keep your face with the bare image to always feel comfortable and natural, as well as protect your skin from bad effects of cosmetics!

Katy Perry not only catches our attention thanks to her bright face but also by her impressive hairstyles. If you take notice, visit Luxshinehair’s pages to see it as well as have more amazing suggestions about hair extensions! We are always ready to help you to have the best appearances.

How about other celebs without makeup? Whether Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Amber Heard, Tomi Lahren can look beautiful like the time they are on the stage or not? Let’s check it!


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