Is It Possible To Sew In Bundles With Closure In The Blink Of An Eye?


Hair extensions has become the essential part of women’s life for many years. People with hair extensions always become more beautiful and more confident. Now, there are a variety of types of hair extensions on the market, but bundles with closure should be the common choice for women. They love to sew in by themselves because it brings them pleasure of human hair DIY. But, whether you are a first-time user or have used hair extensions for many times, you always want to look for the best way on applying them. Also, it’s necessary to get the best way on how to sew in bundles with closure. This article will show you the detailed steps for your sew-in.

Why Not Glue In But Sew In Bundles With Closure

Actually, to make a full head, you can use both closure and frontal deals. With frontal, you can cover your hairline by bonding it to your head with some harmless glue. After fixing your frontal, paste other bundles to your head and let the bundles connect with your frontal. But, this method will be only used well for bundles with frontal. For the bundles with closure deals, it cannot be used so well as frontal deals. Therefore, many people choose to sew in bundles with closure instead of glue in.

Sew In Bundles With Closure

How To Sew In Bundles With Closure In The Blink Of An Eye

Prep For Sew In Bundles With Closure

All you need to prepare for this step is the wig cap, sewing needle and thread. Let’s find out their detailed requirements.

  • The Wig Cap

A good wig cap should fit your head and have good quality. If the cap is too big or too small, you will not feel comfortable. For example, if the wig cap is too big, it may be able to fall down when you wear it. In contrast, you will feel painful and uncomfortable with a too-tight cap.

The Wig Cap

  • The Sewing Needle

You should use a curved needle for sewing human hair bundles with closure because this type of needle can fit well for your sewing in. When you sew in, it will take out naturally.

The Sewing Needle

  • The Thread

Choosing thread is also very important for your sew-in process. It is ideal to use an invisible thread or the thread which is the same color as your hair.

How To Wear Bundles With Closure Deals Step By Step

  • Braid Your Own Hair

You may know many braid patterns for the sew-in method such as diagonal braids or asymmetrical braiding pattern, but with closure bundles deal, we recommend you to braid your own hair straight back with the parallel pigtails.

Braid Your Own Hair

  • Put The Prepared Thread Through The Pinhole Of The Needle

It is recommended to have double thread. Don’t cut the thread too long or too short because it will affect your sew-in process. A very long thread will make your sewing be tangled. On the other hand, you will have to thread frequently with a very short thread. This will reduce your work efficiency.

  • Sewing The Wig Cap To Your Head

Stretch the prepared wig cap over your head in such a way that it can completely cover your braids. Next, use the needle and thread to sew the cap to your braids. The sewing thread should go through the margin braids to keep the cap tightly and avoid revealing the braids. You can sew the wig cap to your head by round and round until the cap is fixed on your head. After sewing the cap, we start to sew the closure in.

  • Sewing The Closure To Your Cap

You can fix the frontal to the right place of your head firstly, then find the ideal place to sew in. Usually, we will sew in the closure from one side, then make a circle sewing to another side to closure off the sew-in process. After the closure has been sewed, you can tie your hair up with a soft rubber band.

  • Style The Hair To The Look You Want

Now, when you finish all steps above, you can use a curling iron or straightener for styling the hair into your favorite style. Remember to apply a small amount of heat protectant on your hair to prevent heat damage.

Style The Hair To The Look You Want

Fashion Hairstyles of Sew in Short Bundles With Closure

Straight Lob

The long bob has been a famous short style for the past few years. It will be an interesting experience with a striking middle part and a blunt cut. This look will work best with virgin straight hair bundles.

Straight Lob

Wavy Bob

A short bob is bold enough on its own, but it’s better to add a choppy bang. This hairstyle will give you a glamorous look like the famous actress Ryan Destiny with straight virgin bundles with closure.

Wavy Bob

Loose Beach Waves

This long bob is the perfect low-maintenance and romantic hairstyle. Use medium-length bundles to slightly graze your shoulders for this sophisticated style. All you need to do to achieve this look is a curling wand to create those beachy waves and a little hairspray to protect them.

Loose Beach Waves

Asymmetrical Cut

This hairdo is always avant-garde. It is also an effective way to change up your style and experiment with short hair.

Asymmetrical Cut

Extreme Layered Bob

Layers are the easiest way to ramp up the volume of your locks. This weave has been blown out in swoopy layers that show off the beautiful movements of hair.

Extreme Layered Bob

Medium Cut With Center Part

Center partings seem to go out of fashion for a long time, but now they’re back with the appearance of the sheer blonde weave. The gently tousled hair can show both feminine and strong.

Medium Cut With Center Part

Curly Bob Bundles

Forget going straight- why not take inspiration from creative curly hair bundles instead? Curls tend to flatter slimmer, so they may be suitable for you. Besides, some rough and gold accents are ideal for any elegant style.

Curly Bob Bundles

In a nutshell, we have shown you the way to get a proper sew in bundles with closure process as well as some hairstyles to try. Hopefully, our article can help you get a wonderful look.

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