Some Useful Information About Headbands For Hairdos


Today, there are many different types of hair accessories in the market to meet customers’ demands. However, not every hair accessory is easy to put on, even they take a lot of time and effort to apply. Sometimes, you want to look chic but you don’t have enough time to spend on creating unique hairdos with relevant hair accessories. Now, with headbands, you don’t have to worry about these problems. Headbands have been one of the simplest and most popular hair accessories among women for many years.  Nevertheless, some people are still confused when choosing headbands, this article will help you. We will share with you different types of headbands you can choose as well as some tips to wear a headband for hairdos. Let’s get started.

1. Different Types Of Headbands For Hairdos

These days, you can see that there are dozens of types of headbands to meet your demands and preferences. Therefore, we list some most popular types of headbands for hairdos below to help you choose your headband easier.

  • Fabric Headband

As its name, fabric headband is a type of headband made of some kind of fabric. There are numerous fabrics used in headbands for a variety of purposes. For instance, women often use sweat headbands when doing physical activities or playing sports. There are also fabric headbands serving the needs of fashionistas such as bow headbands, turban headbands and knitted headbands. They come in various colors and styles for you to choose.

Fabric Headband

  • Plastic Headbands

Plastic headbands are the most commonly used headbands among kids, adults, even older women. Some of the best examples of craftsmanship can be found in plastic headbands because of their designs and colors. These headbands come in the traditional form of horseshoes and become popular hair jewelry for all occasions because of their elasticity, appearance and firm grip.

Plastic Headbands

  • Toothed Headbands

Toothed headbands often come with metal wiring and have teeth or prongs placed along the interior portion of the headband. These headbands are used to hold your hair tightly and keep your hair stay for a long period of time.

Toothed Headbands

  • Velvet Headbands

If you love wearing headbands but you feel uncomfortable with their sturdy grip, velvet headbands are a great option for you. This type of headband is even used for celebrities’ hairstyles because they are super-soft, flexible and easy to wear. The velvet headbands not only help to imparts royal beauty to your looks but is also very reliable. Whether you want to go to formal or informal events or parties, they can be used for.

Velvet Headbands

  • Faux Braid Headbands

Faux braided headbands offers you not only a hairstyling option but also a solution to your big problem of twisting hair. If you cannot twist your hair up but still want to get a braided hairstyle, it’s ideal to use this headband. All you need to do is to find one that matches the color of your hair.

Faux Braid Headbands

2. Tips To Wear A Headband for Hairdos

Although headbands are practical hair accessories and don’t need any particular suggestions, yet if you take a look at the following tips before purchasing or wearing headbands, they will come in useful.

  • Choice Of Headband

It’s important to choose the fabric of headband that suits your personality and your outfit. For example, you can use knitted headbands and velvet headbands for the winter but it’s not suitable for summer because they can make you feel uncomfortable. This is because summer headbands should be lightweight and made of plastic.

  • Color Of Headband

When it comes to choose the color of headband, the general rule is to go for a matching headband or a contrast. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot create your own way. If you want to go for any color, you just need to keep your outfit, event and season into consideration.

  • Place Of Headband

Headbands belong to hair jewelry so it would be better to put on the hairband towards your forehead instead of wearing towards the rear of your head.

  • Purchasing headbands

You need to ensure about the quality of the maker before purchasing by reading the reviews about them. Headbands of a good quality maker might be a bit more expensive but trustworthy and last longer.

You have discover some and different types of headbands tips to use them. Don’t hesitate to try one with your favorite hairstyle, you will be surprise at the great result. If you want to read more about other related articles, follow our page or visit

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