All Information You Need To Know About Bulk Hair Extensions


Many people love using this type of hair extensions because its price is quite cheap. They can keep the longest sizes and biggest volume because they are the best original kind. In this article, we will learn about bulk hair extensions. Hope that these information can help you when you decide to buy good bulk hair extensions.

1. What Are Bulk Hair Extensions?

This type of hair extensions looks very simple because it is divided into small bundles that are tied with elastic bands on the top of your head. People often purchase bulk hair extensions to create different types of hair extensions to meet customer’s demands. Buying these hair extensions is cheaper than buying keratin hair extensions so that it is not a bad idea if you want to save your money.

Bulk Hair Extensions

2. Overall Introduction of These Hair Extensions

Bulk hair is different from other types of hair extensions which are worn very easily into your hair because they are separate hair. Actually, these bulk hair extensions are more suitable for wholesalers. They will buy these bulk to remake them to supply for their own customers.

Wholesale Bulk Hair Extensions

Mostly, wholesalers order these hair extensions with long black straight hair to create various textures with different types of hair extensions such as clip-ins, tape in hair extensions or keratin hair extensions. So, why do they buy bulk hair extensions with long black straight hair, not with available textures and colors? It is because they want to remake these bulk into different textures to appropriate with customer’s requirements. However, applying bulk hair extensions is a bit difficult and it can cause tangling to your hair when you remove them. To limit this problem, remember that after installing your bulk hair extensions, you should brush your hair softly to keep it smooth. You can make many styles for these extensions such as wavy, curly or kinky bulk for a new appearance.

3. How Long Do Bulk Hair Extensions Last?

If you use synthetic or bad-quality hair extensions, bulk hair cannot maintain in a long time. These extensions are able to be fallen or breakage after using time. Especially, when you wash or expose it with high temperature, its smell is very terrible. It even makes your real hair look worse. However, with bulk hair extensions of Luxshinehair, you don’t have to worry about these problems. Luxshinehair seems to be one of the top suppliers around the world in general and in Vietnam in particular. The products of Luxshinehair are 100% natural hair of Vietnamese women, so your hair will not get damaged, tangles or sheds even when you wash or make styles for your extensions. You can keep them for about 2 to 3 years if you give them good care and maintenance.

Bulk Hair Extensions Of Luxshinehair

4. How To Apply These Extensions?

Firstly, wholesalers often buy bulk hair to make weft hair from the machine for many purposes. As we know, hair producers use a specialized machine to make hair bundle and use the sewing machine to make a hair weave. Hair weft refers to the hairstyle in which hands or machines tie the hair all together in a long line. Then, a weaving hair is sewn onto braided hair and styles as your desired style.

Braid Bulk Hair Into The Head

Secondly, another common way of using this hair type is to crochet the braids directly into the head of the customer. Now, the making process of these hair extensions requires a collection of hair tools like hair needle, hair thread. You have to note that after braiding the real hair in cornrow, separate the hair bundle into smaller strands, the hairstylists start crocheting hair bulk into the cornrow with the needle to create the knots from human hair extension strand to keep the hair extension in the cornrow of the users. The application of bulk hair extensions mostly takes much time, normally thirty minutes to 1 hour. This depends on the hairstylists’ skillfulness.

Thirdly, many manufacturers use bulk hair instead of crocheting into the human head to make full wig hair extensions. It is obvious that each small and thin strand is knotted in a full-head-knit cap using similar techniques. The thinner and more hair strands are knotted together, the more normal the wig becomes.

Nowadays, many people prefer to using heat and keratin glue to apply bulk extensions. They want to create the length and volume of hair on their own idea instead of buying I-tip, V-tip or U-tip hair extensions, which are available on the market.

How To Apply Bulk Hair Extensions

All the information above teach us much about bulk hair extensions. Hope that you will share these information with your friends if you like it. Don’t forget to follow website to get more detailed information about types of hair extensions that you are concerned about. Thanks so much for reading!




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